Recognized Student Organizations can receive funding through two different types of funding sources. Student Fee funded sources and Non-Student Fee funded sources. This distinction is important, as Student Fee funded sources are subject to Student Fee Regulations.

Cultural Events Board: CEB has allocated mandatory student fee money each year to fund projects that provide the campus with a diverse program of special events.

  • Events that are appropriate for CEB funding include:

Art Displays
Musical/Theatrical Performances
Cultural shows/events

  • CEB has specific deadlines and requirements. Please speak with one of our liaison staff if you are interested in applying to them for your event.


Council of Colleges and Schools: 

CCS receives mandatory student fees from CUSG Legislative Council's budget to make allocations to student organization projects that are oriented toward student interests and concerns.

  • CCS funds academically oriented student organizations for non-cultural projects such as conference travel and special presentations.
  • Allocations for travel will include only funds for transportation, lodging or registration fees.
  • To receive funding through CCS, student groups must author a bill and secure sponsorship of the legislation by a CCS representative.
  • The CCS bylaws and Student Fee Regulations govern allocations from CCS.

UMC Room 125, 303-492-7473, Information about Legislative Council

CUSG Representative Council: The Representative Council receives a portion of the CUSG Legislative Council's budget to make allocations to student organization projects that are oriented toward student interests and concerns.

  • The council generally funds conference travel and small events.
  • Allocations for travel will include only funds for transportation, lodging, or registration fees. Meals will not be funded by student fees sources.
  • To receive funding, student organizations must work with a CUSG representative. Call CUSG for a list of representatives.
  • The CUSG bylaws and Student Fee Regulations govern allocations from Representative Council.

UMC Room 125, 303-492-7473, Information about Legislative Council

Student Organization Allocations Committee: SOAC allocates money to Affiliated and Independent student organizations for their operating, and programming expenses.

  • In order to qualify for funding the student organization must have:

- a registered account with The Center for Student Involvement
- be open to all CU Boulder students
- have a set of bylaws outlining membership and administration

  • Any student organization that complies with these rules may submit an application for funding from SOAC.
  • Funding may only be used for operational expenses and purposes including events and travel.

To apply for student fee funding you must complete an “Informational Form,” which provides information about your group standing, etc., as well as the application for the specific type of funding you are requesting- Event, Travel, or Operational.  Please note that the Informational Form is the same, regardless of the type of funding for which you are applying.

Once you have completed the required forms, please email a copy to your CSI liaison.  You will need to meet with them to review the application, which requires their signature, before they can be submitted to the applicable funding boards.

After the funding boards hear your request, you should receive a written notice of your allocation.  PRIOR to spending your funding, you MUST meet with the CSI Finance to review the rules, requirements, restrictions, etc. specific to that funding.

Please complete the application for funding through your BuffConnect account.

  • When the SOAC application has been submitted, the organization must set up a hearing date with the CUSG office in UMC Room 125. Attendance at the budget hearings is mandatory and organizations will NOT be allocated funds if they fail to attend the budget hearings.

Contact the SOAC Chair at 303-492-7473 for exact dates or with any other questions that your group might have about the funding process.

The SOAC guidelines and Student Fee Regulations apply to all SOAC allocations.

UMC Room 125, 303-492-7473,or email soac@colorado.eduMore information about SOAC

Local Schools: Each of the CU college and school student governments is allocated student fee money based on the actual number of students enrolled in the respective school. Many of the schools in turn will fund student organizations and/or special projects affiliated with their particular school.

To receive funding from a school or college, student organizations must contact the officers of that school's student government:

Some administrative and academic departments or committees will allocate funds to student organizations for special projects, events or student organization travel. These funds and any student fee allocations you receive must be spent through The Center for Student Involvement.

The Dennis Small Cultural Center offers to collaborate with student organizations that are looking for a space to host their cultural programs. This support includes:

  • A reservation at the Dennis Small Cultural Center during Branch Out (Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30) or Rooted (Wednesdays 4:30 to 6:00)
  • Marketing, printing and flyering
  • Catering up to $50 with Campus Dining
  • Tech support (laptop, projectors, etc.)

In order to qualify for funding, the student organization must:

  • Be in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement
  • Fill out and send the Collaboration Form at least three weeks before the event
  • Highlight the cultural and social relevance of their event
  • Be willing to welcome students and community members outside the student organization

Apply for funding.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement: ODECE provides funding for student organization events and travel. They coordinate campus wide initiatives and programs to promote diversity and inclusive excellence. Learn more about ODECE

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA): Student Affairs facilitates and enhances the personal growth, success, health, and well-being of every student at the University of Colorado Boulder. The VCSA provides funding for student organization events and travel.

Please contact your CSI Liaison or email to get more information about ODECE or VCSA funding.

Residence Hall Association: To receive funding from RHA, contact them directly.
Willlard Hall 145, 303-492-7305, learn more on RHA website, email

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