Use these resources to raise money for your group:

All vendors that sell or promote a product on campus must go through a registered student group on campus (can be affiliated or independent) in order to rent Loggia space. The student group receives $35 per day, which is deposited straight into the student group's account. The vendor must also pay a fee of $53 per day to the Events Planning & Catering Office for the space rental and setup fees and $12 per day to The Center for Student Involvement for processing fees.

Student groups may also bring in an outside vendor if they have one they are currently working with.

All your group has to do is sign a contract with the Events Planning & Catering Office, UMC Room 140. 

Example of Loggia Payments
1 Day: Vendor pays $100, Student Group gets $35.
5 Days: Vendor Pays $500, Student Group gets $175.
10 Days: Vendor Pays $1000, Student Group gets $350.

Student groups may work with an outside vendor to raise money for their groups. The vendor determines an amount of the sales raised to give back to the student groups. For example, a company may want to advertise their business on campus and would like students to wear t-shirts for their business. The company would then give the group a payment for doing this service for them.

The rule of thumb is to see The Center for Student Involvement first when planning a fundraiser since campus policies may affect Independent Student Groups differently than Affiliated Student Groups. University policies regarding fundraisers are often determined by the type and source of funding involved.

Fundraising Ideas:
Dances, Silent Auctions, Concerts, Performances, Bake Sales, Guess How Many Beans in a Jar, Games of Chance, Fun Runs, Sporting Tournaments (dodgeball, basketball...), Video Game Tournaments, Talent Shows...

University of Colorado Boulder Crowdfunding is an online fundraising tool available to CU-Boulder students, faculty, and staff.  Created by the University, the crowdfunding platform provides an opportunity for selected individuals and organizations to create and share fundraising campaigns to an expanded potential audience within the CU-Boulder community who share affinity with an individual (e.g. parent, friend) or topic (e.g. alum who was in a club or who supports a cause), garnering peer-to-peer financial support for a specific goal.

To apply for a crowdfunding campaign visit The Center for Student Involvement to discuss your club’s campaign idea.  For more information on CU-Boulder Crowdfunding, visit