Request Funds for a Student Organization Event

To apply for student fee funding you must complete an “Informational Form,” which provides information about your group standing, etc., as well as the application for the specific type of funding you are requesting- Event, Travel, or Operational.  Please note that the Informational Form is the same, regardless of the type of funding for which you are applying.

Once you have completed the required forms, please email a copy to your CSI liaison.  You will need to meet with them to review the application, which requires their signature, before they can be submitted to the applicable funding boards.

After the funding boards hear your request, you should receive a written notice of your allocation.  PRIOR to spending your funding, you MUST meet with the CSI Finance to review the rules, requirements, restrictions, etc. specific to that funding.

Download the Informational Form

Download the Student Organization Event Funding Request Form