Prospective Students

David E. Sherwood, Ph.D.

Associate Professor David Sherwood is the Department's Undergraduate Coordinator, affording him a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by undergraduate students in Integrative Physiology.

In this video Professor Sherwood answers questions frequently asked by students considering the Integrative Physiology major:

  • Why should I choose CU's Integrative Physiology Department?
  • Is CU Boulder's Integrative Physiology degree well regarded nationally?
  • Can an Integrative Physiology degree at CU Boulder help you get into graduate school?
  • Does the CU Integrative Physiology program adequately prepare students for pre-health programs?
  • What opportunities or resources are there for internships and research experience?
  • What is the typical student to teacher ratio in Integrative Physiology courses?
  • How many of those courses are taught by tenure-track faculty?

Integrative Physiology at CU-Boulder offers one of the few undergraduate programs across the country that integrates physiology with the study of the human body in health and disease. Students who apply themselves with diligence and determination in our program will find themselves well-prepared for graduate programs in the health professions.

Video Introductions

Dr. David Sherwood answers some questions about Integrative Physiology

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