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Nutrition, Health, and Performance

Nutrition, Health, and Performance (IPHY 3420) highlights basic principles of nutrition and their relation to health. The course examines nutritional needs across the life span, focusing on the basic nutrients and their food sources, and nutrient utilization in the human body. Nutritional needs from infancy to old age are considered, along with life cycle occurrences such as pregnancy, lactation, and prevention of chronic diseases. The course also includes applied and controversial aspects of human nutrition. Major topics include:

  • Protein, carbohydrates, and fats
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Energy balance and physical activity
  • Diet and Health
  • Mother and infant nutrition
  • Nutrition through the life cycle
  • Nutrition in America and around the world

In addition to regular lecture presentations by the instructor, this course includes occasional guest lectures, movies, class discussion, and readings from the nutrition literature. Friday lectures consist of a case study or in-depth look at a topic related to the week's lectures.

As part of this course, students complete a dietary analysis. This is an independent project that includes analyzing one's diet for two days using an online computer program. Students are expected to integrate their findings with concepts presented throughout the course.

Understanding the fundamentals of nutrition is essential for students planning a career in the health sciences. In addition, this course offers practical insights that will be of use to any person concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Dr. David Sherwood answers some questions about Integrative Physiology

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Nutrition, Health, and Performance