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Human Anatomy Lab

The Human Anatomy Laboratory (IPHY 3415) is a comprehensive survey of human anatomy. Each lab section of 16 students is taught by a graduate teaching assistant (or sometimes by a member of the faculty), with the aid of an undergraduate teaching assistant.

An oustanding feature of this course is the use of real human cadavers, supplemented with plastic models and other materials. Two cadavers (one male and one female) are typically provided in each lab section. Each week, dissectors among the teaching staff work to expose a new set of structures for the students.

All undergraduates who major in Integrative Physiology at CU-Boulder complete this course as part of their degree program. This program stands out among other undergraduate programs across the country in providing all students with extensive access to human cadavers.

Students who perform well in the course can subsequently apply for a position as an undergraduate teaching assistant. This provides valuable teaching and leadership experience and the opportunity to assist with dissections.

Students going on to careers in the health sciences have found this course to be exceptional preparation for more advanced study.

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Human Anatomy Lab

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