Joining the IPHY Club

Joining the IPHY Club is an effective way to make connections with fellow students and IPHY faculty. The mission of the IPHY Club is "to connect students and professionals outside of the classroom, and to enrich the overall experience of majoring in integrative physiology". If you are interested in joining, please contact faculty advisor Heidi Bustamante (heidi.bustamante@colorado.edu). The IPHY Club is run by an Executive Student Board, and any IPHY student can apply for a board position. You will find the application below on this page. Please email the application to Heidi Bustamante.

Here are some benefits of joining the IPHY Club:

  • Students will have a chance to socialize with departmental faculty, the board members, and other IPHY upper classmen and learn useful information.
  • Students can attend informational talks by fellow students or faculty members. For example, the Colorado University Emergency Medical Services coordinator, who is an IPHY upper classman and paramedic, gave a talk about how to become an EMT or paramedic while remaining a successful undergraduate student.
  • Students can attend career talks from professionals outside the classroom. Examples of past career talks include requirements and admissions for pharmacy schools, careers in the chiropractic field, and research as a laboratory scientist etc.
  • The IPHY Club often hosts reviews for the Anatomy Practical. At these reviews, anatomical models of various body organs are usually available.
  • The IPHY club has a free peer-to-peer tutoring program. Tutors are IPHY undergraduate student volunteers who will help fellow IPHY students while reinforcing their own content knowledge. This volunteer experience will also help you build a strong resume.


If you are interested in serving as an officer on the new IPHY student group, please see the following links.

Other Campus Groups of Interest

The following student organizations on the CU-Boulder campus also provide volunteering and networking opportunities and other support for some of the career paths that are popular among IPHY majors:

Here are some other useful links on our web site for keeping in touch with opportunities in your area of interest: