Third Annual Colorado Sleep and Circadian Research Symposium

June 10, 2016

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Time/Topic Speaker Department Institution
0815 Registration / Name Badge pick-up
0825 Opening
Introductory Remarks Ken Wright, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder
0830 International Keynote
Rai1 haplo-insufficiency greatly exacerbates suppression of locomotor activity by light in a murine SMS model Paul Franken, PhD Integrative Genomics Université de Lausanne
0900 Of Brains, Emotion and Muscle
Knockdown of prefrontal cortex Period1 gene expression impairs diurnal-dependent conditioned fear extinction learning Elizabeth Woodruff, MS Psychology and Neuroscience CU-Boulder
Sleep is of the muscle, by the muscle, and for the muscle Allison Brager, PhD Neurobiology Morehouse School of Med.
0930 Sleep Countermeasures
Novel methods to improve adherence to CPAP Mark Aloia, PhD Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine National Jewish Health
Impact of Sustained Sleep Loss and Weekend Recovery Sleep on Vigilance Performance and Subjective Sleepiness Hannah Ritchie, MS Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder
1000 Coffee Break
1030 Circadian Rhythms, Light, and Development
Adolescent circadian responses to light Stephanie Crowley, PhD Department of Behavioral Sciences Rush University
Longitudinal Assessment of Circadian Phase and Chronotype Across Early Childhood Katy Thellman, MS Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder
Evening Bright Light Suppresses Melatonin in Preschool Age Children Lameese Akacem, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder
Impact of childcare attendance on weekly sleep patterning Karen Thorpe, PhD Psychology and Counseling Queensland University of Tech Brisbane
Impact of Weekend Exposure to the Modern versus Natural Light-Dark Cycle on Circadian Timing in Humans Ellen Stothard, MS Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder
1145 Basic Research Data Blitz (short slide presentations from other faculty and trainees)
1200-1300 Lunch on your own
1300 Sleep, Metabolism and Cognition

Epidemiological investigation of self-report sleep duration and waist-to-height ratio

Matt McQueen, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder

Effects of sleep loss versus a high fat diet on insulin sensitivity

Josiane Broussard, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder

Insufficient sleep, metabolomics and insulin sensitivity

Christopher Depner, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder

Prebiotic diet and sleep

Monika Fleshner, PhD Integrative Physiology CU-Boulder

The shiftwork and health agenda: The moment is now for microbes

Amy Reynolds, PhD Human, Health and Social Sciences Appleton Institute
1415 Translational Research Data Blitz (short slide presentations from other faculty and trainees)
1445 Concluding Remarks and adjourn