Ecophysiology Laboratory

Ramaley C374

Department of Integrative Physiology
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0354
phone: 303-492-6014

Research Interests

  • Physiological ecology of animals, especially the role of pathogens in the decline in amphibian populations.


  • Laboratory Director: Cynthia Carey, Ph.D.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Lauren Livo, Ph.D.
(Standing, L to R): Laura Carruth, Greta Rosen, Richard Jones, John Woodling.
(Kneeling) Tammy Maldonado, Sarah Donehower, David Norris, Harriet Austin

Current Research Projects

  • Physiological and behavioral adaptations of animals to harsh environments, such as deserts, high altitudes, and cold climates.
  • World-wide declines in amphibian populations. These studies include the interaction of pathogens and amphibian immune systems and the possible interaction of co-factors, such as UVB, climate change, heavy metals, and pH, on the success of pathogens in killing amphibians.

Recent Publications