Cardiac Physiology Laboratory

Carlson 106 and 1B03

phone: 303-492-2745/5712

Research Interests

  • A focus of the Lab is to identify cellular mechanisms that underlie the physiological (exercise training) and pathological (heart failure, aging) alterations in cardiac contractile function. We are currently conducting work to understand the cellular basis for exercise-induced protection of the heart against ischemia-reperfusion injury, and on the influences of diet and exercise on cardiac energy metabolism, heart mitochondrial lipid composition, and the development of heart failure in the SHHF rat model.


  • Laboratory Director: Russell L. Moore, Ph.D.
  • Faculty: Sylvia McCune, Ph.D.
  • Research Associate: Genevieve Sparagna, Ph.D.
  • Graduate Students: Jason Browder, Rachel Gioscia-Ryan
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants: Daniel Finnin, Taylor Kennedy
  • Collaborators: Leslie Leinwand, Ph.D., MCD Biology, University of Colorado Boulder; Peter Watson, Ph.D., Endocrinology, University of Colorado at Denver; Robert Murphy, Ph.D., Pharmacology, University of Colorado at Denver; Joseph Y. Cheung, M.D., Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson College of Medicine, Philadelphia; Grant Hatch, Ph.D., University of Sasketchewan, Manitoba, Canada; William Stanley, Ph.D., University of Maryland.
(L to R ): Derek Zachman, Andy Edwards, Genevieve Sparagna, Meredith Moore, Sylvia McCune, Rachel Gioscia-Ryan, Daniel Finnin, Russell Moore, and Jason Browder.

Current Research Projects

  • Examination of sarcolemmal ATP-sensitive K+ current characteristics and their relation to training-induced and sex-dependent resistance of the heart to ischemia-reperfusion injury.
  • Characterization of the influence of nutrition and exercise on the development of heart failure in the SHHF rat model.
  • Determination of the potential role of altered cardiolipin biosynthesis on mitochondrial function in the SHHF rat model of heart failure.

Recent Publications