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The following items were reported more than four months ago.

 Sleep Lab's Camping Study Reported in the News Media
The Sleep and Chronobiology Lab's study showing that camping can reset your biological clock has been written up in several popular news outlets:,, Also see video abstract at

 CU-Boulder study shows even forced exercise reduces stress
Media outlet: Daily Camera. Date: 2013-04-25. Link:

 Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain
Media outlet: New York Times. Date: 2013-03-18. Link:

 When Exercise Stresses You Out
Media outlet: New York Times. Date: 2013-03-13. Link:

 Sleeping less than 5 hours a night can lead to weight gain
Media outlet: Daily Camera. Date: 2013-03-11. Link:

 Myths of Running: Forefoot, Barefoot and Otherwise
Media outlet: The New York Times. Date: 2012-10-15. Link:

 Oscar Pistorius' Prosthetic Legs: Do They Give Him an Advantage Over Other Olympic Runners?
Media outlet: Huffington Post. Date: 2012-08-10. Link:

 Studying Oscar Pistorius: Does The 'Blade Runner' Have An Advantage?
Media outlet: National Public Radio. Date: 2012-07-30. Link:

 Immortality - Science vs Sci Fi
Media outlet: How On Earth: The KGNU Science Show. Date: 2012-07-17. Link:

 CU research helped propel amputee-sprinter Oscar Pistorius to Olympics
Media outlet: CU-Boulder. Date: 2012-07-10. Link:

 CU-Boulder researchers help Oscar Pistorius become first amputee to compete in Olympics
Media outlet: Boulder Daily Camera. Date: 2012-07-11. Link:

 Ahmed receives Young Faculty Award
Media outlet: CU Connections. Date: 2012-06-07. Link:

 Making the Case for Running Shoes
Media outlet: The New York Times. Date: 2012-03-21. Link:

 The secret to a happy child
Media outlet: Coloradan Magazine. Date: 2012-03-01. Link:

 To perform with less effort, practice beyond perfection
Media outlet: BrightSurf. Date: 2012-02-10. Link:

 Napping Key to a Toddler's Happiness
Media outlet: Colorado Public Radio. Date: 2012-01-19. Link:

 CU-Boulder scientist: Missing a nap makes toddlers anxious, 'flat'
Media outlet: Daily Camera. Date: 2012-01-05. Link:

 A Child's Nap is More Complicated than It Looks
Media outlet: New York Times. Date: 2011-09-12. Link:

 How Sleep Affects Your Child's IQ, Emotional Well-Being, ADHD, and Obesity
Media outlet: 30-Minute Mom. Date: 2011-05-01. Link:

 Older adults taking popular sleep medicine at risk for falls and cognitive impairment, study finds
Media outlet: University of Colorado News. Date: N/A. Link:

 Serotonin, the anxiety modulator
Media outlet: CU-Boulder Office of News Services, a division of University Communications. Date: 2010-10-08. Link:

 Common sleep drug can leave people groggy, clumsy
Media outlet: Reuters (similar stories in MedlinePlus, CNBC, CBC News, United Press International,, Medscape/Web MD, Date: N/A. Link: N/A

 Serotonin cell discoveries mean rethink of depression
Media outlet: New Scientist. Date: 2010-10-08. Link:

 Metabolic Cost of Human Sleep Deprivation Quantified by University of Colorado Team
Media outlet: University of Colorado News, University of Colorado Alumni Association. Date: N/A. Link:

 What's on your bathroom shelves
Media outlet: Boulder Magazine. Date: 2010-09-15. Link: N/A

 Upgrades cut fish-feminizing chemicals
Media outlet: Boulder Camera. Date: 2010-06-22. Link: N/A

 Interview of EDCs
Media outlet: Netherlands World Wide Radio. Date: 2010-07-15. Link: N/A

 Estrogens and Boulder WWTP upgrade
Media outlet: Channel & Denver. Date: 2010-06-21. Link: N/A

 CU-Boulder prof working on supplement that mimics exercise benefits
Media outlet: Daily Camera. Date: 2010-10-27. Link:

 Eat bacteria to boost brain power
Media outlet: New Scientist. Date: 2010-10-08. Link:

 Study Finds Lack of Sleep Leads to Lost Calories
Media outlet: Science Magazine - Health and Medicine (similar stories in Science News, - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, MedlinePlus, US News and World Report, Discovery News, Colorado Daily, Yahoo News, United Press International,, Bloomberg Businesses Week). Date: N/A. Link: N/A

 Exercise reduces stress
Media outlet: Good Housekeeping. Date: 2010-06-01. Link: N/A

 Exercise alleviates anxiety
Media outlet: Glamour Magazine. Date: 2010-09-15. Link: N/A

 Exercise in a pill?
Media outlet: BuffAlum Notes. Date: 2010-10-15. Link:

 Hear the answer
Media outlet: Sign of Scince. Date: 2010-10-08. Link:

 Talking Dirty: Why You Should Call a Truce with Germs
Media outlet: Body & Soul. Date: 2010-10-08. Link:

 Only as old as your arteries
Media outlet: Colorado Arts & Sciences Magazine. Date: 2010-10-15. Link:

 Projects provide pre-finals relief for CU-Boulder students
Prof. Rodger Kram's biomechanics course is featured in the Colorado Daily, with an article and video on student projects designed to improve or reduce stress on muscle movement. Link:

 Genetics, alcohol tolerance, and addiction
Prof. Marissa Ehringer's work on genetics and addiction is featured in the Daily Camera in relation to a recent study that identified a gene that determines one's tolerance to alcohol. Link:

 Health boost in a tiny pill
Prof. Doug Seals's research on nutraceuticals was highlighted in both the Daily Camera and Colorado Daily. Seals and his team have been researching supplements that can mimic some of the health benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. Links: and

 Seals Lab Featured on Spanish-language TV
The Integrative Physiology of Aging Lab, headed by Dr. Doug Seals, was featured in a short news segment on Spanish-language TV. The segment featured information about the research the Seals lab is conducting at the Clinical Translational Research Center. Link:

 Only as Old as Your Arteries
Prof. Doug Seals' work on the aging of artery walls is featured in the CU College of Arts & Sciences Magazine. His group studies how exercise, dietary salt restriction, and other lifestyle factors can promote cardiovascular health. Now their research focus has expanded to explore the benefits of natural pharmaceuticals such as Vitamin D. Link:

 Dizzy After First Smoke? Your Genes Might Be 'Loaded'
Prof. Marissa Ehringer's work on the genetics of substance abuse is featured in the CU College of Arts & Sciences Magazine. Her group has shown that people who experience dizziness after their first cigarette have a genetic variation that puts them at a higher risk of becoming addictive smokers. Link:

 Gender-Bending Fish Problem Mitigated With Treatment Plant Upgrade
Media outlet: Date: 2010-6-21. Link:

 Ex-tennis champ finds a new focus
Media outlet: Athens Banner-Herald. Date: 2010-5-3. Link:

 Realizing campus accessibility through collaboration
IPHY undergrad, Theresa Nguyen, is featured in a university newsletter. She initiated a collaboration between IPHY instructors Adam Hayes and Ruth Heisler, Disabilities Services and Facilities management to allow her to fully participate in the Human Anatomy Lab. Read the full story here:

 Phys Ed: Internally Fit -- How exercising keeps your cells young
Media outlet: New York Times / Well. Date: 2010-1-27. Link:

 Study by Dr. Ehringer's group links family of genes to nicotine addiction
Dr. Ehringer's work on nicotine addiction is featured prominently in the most recent edition of the National Institute of Drug Abuse's NIDA Notes. Her group has identified key genes that influence the effect of early smoking responses and the age of smoking initiation on the likelihood of becoming addicted to nicotine. Link:

 Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious
Media outlet: New York Times / Well. Date: 2009-11-18. Link:

 Dr. Rodger Kram's Research Plays Key Role in Debate About Athletes with Prosthetic Limbs
Dr. Rodger Kram, his former PhD student Alena Grabowski and collaborators have published a study that found that amputee runners with prosthetic limbs do not have an unfair advantage over runners that have their biological limbs. In fact, prosthetic limbs impart a slight disadvantage. Kram is also the lead author of a debate on the topic that was recently published in the Journal Of Applied Physiology. Their work was inspired by Oscar Pistorius' successful bid to try out for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. The study has received extensive media attention, including coverage in The New York Times.

 Are High-Tech Prostheses Fair?
Media outlet: New York Times / Moral of the Story. Date: 2009-11-10. Link:

 CU Finds No Advantage In Running with Prosthetic Leg
Media outlet: Colorado Public Radio / Colorado Matters. Date: 2009-11-16. Link:

 Dr. Monika Fleshner's Research Featured in Upcoming PBS Documentary
Media outlet: Rocky Mountain PBS / Science Of Healing With Dr. Esther Sternberg. Date: 2009-11-28. Link:

 New Study Further Disputes Notion That Amputee Runners Gain Advantage From Prostheses
Media outlet: CU News Services. Date: 2009-11-04. Link:

 CU Study Links Dirt to Happiness
Media outlet: News Team Boulder. Date: N/A. Link:

 Is Dirt the New Prozac?
Media outlet: The Huffington Post. Date: 2009-08-12. Link:

 Dr. Ken Wright among CU faculty receiving federal economic stimulus money
Media outlet: Daily Camera. Date: 2009-9-25. Link:

 NPR interview on gender-bending bass
Media outlet: All Things Considered on National Public Radio. Date: 2009-9-15. Link: N/A

 Gender-bending bass found in Yampa River
Media outlet: Denver Post. Date: 2009-9-15. Link: