Syllabus (Spring 2006)
Date Topic
Tues 1/17 General Introduction
Thur 1/19 Sex determination
Tues 1/24 Male reproductive system
Thur 1/26 Male reproductive system
Tues 1/31 Female reproductive system
Thur 2/2 Female reproductive system
Tues 2/7 Sex differentiation
Thur 2/9 Brain and pituitary gland
Tues 2/14 Female reproductive cycles: Menstrual and estrous cycles
Thur 2/16 EXAM I
Tues 2/21 Seasonal reproductive cycles
Thur 2/23 Seasonal reproductive cycles
Tues 2/28 Environmental control of seasonal cycles
Thur 3/2 Sexual behavior and sexual selection
Tues 3/7 Aggression and territoriality
Thur 3/9 Video: "Trials of Life I"
Tues 3/14 Courtship, mating, and fertilization
Thur 3/16 Placenta and its regulation
Tues 3/21 Pregnancy
Thur 3/23 EXAM II
Tues 4/4 Video: "Trials of Life II"
Thur 4/6 Scientific American article: "Child Care Among Insects"
Parental behavior in vertebrates
Tues 4/11 Parental behavior in vertebrates (Cont)
Thur 4/13 Reproductive senenscence
Tues 4/18 Steroid hormones and sexual dimorphism of the brain
Thur 4/20 Pheromones and reproduction
Tues 4/25 Molluscan reproduction:
Anatomy and physiology of cephalopod and gastropod reproduction
Thur 4/27 Molluscan reproduction:
Gastropod reproductive neuroendocrinology
Tues 5/2 Discussion: "Regulation of Seasonal Reproduction in Mollusks"
Thur 5/4 General review
Mon 5/8 FINAL EXAM (1:30 pm)
**Final is cumulative