Course Policies

Dr. Pei-San Tsai
Office: N384 Ramaley
Phone: (303) 735-1877
Office hours : Tues/Thur 1:30-2:30 pm or by appointment

There is NO required textbook for this course. The instructor compiles the lecture notes from a number of textbooks, reference books, and primary research articles. These notes will be made available to the students on the course web site prior to each week's lectures.

Meeting time: TuTh 11:00-12:15
Meeting location: 190 Humanities
Prerequisites: EBIO/EPOB 1210, 1220,1230, 1240. IPHY/EPOB 3430 recommended but not required. Enrollment limited to juniors and seniors.

IPHY 4480 "Comparative Biology of Reproduction" is a 3-credit course for students interested in areas related to comparative physiology of reproduction and evolution of reproductive systems. Students are encouraged to read the lecture notes posted on the web before the materials are presented in lecture. You are responsible for all the topics and materials covered during the lectures. All required materials will be available for download from the course web site (see below).

THREE exams (including a cumulative final) will be given in this course. This syllabus provides detailed information on the dates of exams and final, so please schedule your travel plans accordingly. Conflict with students' travel schedules **CANNOT ** be used as an excuse for missing exams or taking exams at a different time. There will be NO exceptions. If a valid, documented excuse can be given for a missed exam, the exam will be prorated, or a makeup given, depending on the agreement with the instructor.

If a student qualifies for accommodations because of a disability, please submit to the instructor a letter from Disability Services (303-492-8671, Willard 322, in a timely manner (at least two weeks before the first exam) so that your needs may be addressed. Disability Services determines accommodations based on documented disabilities.

Academic dishonesty in the class is a **SERIOUS** offense and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Students caught or suspected to cheat will be reported to the University Honor's Council promptly and be subjected to the standard procedure of investigation. The student will receive an "F" in the course as the result of academic dishonesty. There will be NO exceptions. For detailed information on the CU academic honor code, refer to

Campus policy regarding religious observances requires that faculty make every effort to reasonably and fairly deal with all students who, because of religious obligations, have conflicts with scheduled exams, assignments or required attendance. Please notify the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester of any conflict. Additional information can be found at:

Students and faculty each have responsibility for maintaining an appropriate learning environment. Students who fail to adhere to behavioral standards may be subject to discipline. Faculty have the professional responsibility to treat students with understanding, dignity and respect, to guide classroom discussion and to set reasonable limits on the manner in which students express opinions. For more information on campus policies, see, and

The University of Colorado Policy on Sexual Harassment applies to all students, staff and faculty. Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual attention. Any student, staff or faculty member who believes s/he has been sexually harassed should contact the Office of Sexual Harassment (OSH) at 303-492-2127. Additional information can be found at:

Exams 1 and 2 each contains 100 points. The cumulative final exam is worth 150 points. Your grade will be determined based on the percentage of points obtained from all three exams/350 points.

There is an EPOB 4480 lecture web site (http://www.Colorado.EDU/kines/iphy4480tsai/) that will be updated and maintained regularly by the instructor. Lecture notes and supplements, practice questions, and announcements for the lecture portion of the course will be made available via this method. Students are required to check into this web site periodically to obtain the necessary course information.