Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and Dissectors

If you enjoyed Human Anatomy Lab and are interested in teaching it, or helping with the dissections, you may be eligible to receive academic credit for these activities.

Anatomical Models

Models index page Labeled photographs of the models used in this course.
Limb model keys: Upper limb 1, upper limb 2, lower limb 1, lower limb 2, lower limb 3 Official key of numbered structures on the upper and lower limb models.

Sample Exam Questions

Sample questions for Exams 1-4  

TA Handouts

Handouts that individual TAs have provided to their sections are also included here so that all students in the course have access to them. Important disclaimer: Documents in this section have not been edited by the course coordinator or webmaster and may contain errors or irrelevant information, and may not be representative of expectations or typical questions on exams. Some of these materials are based on older versions of the lab manual. Please direct all questions to the author of the document. Remember, only terminology and spelling from the required course materials will be accepted on lab quizzes and exams.

Anatomy Prefixes, p. 1
Anatomy Prefixes, p. 2
Thoracic vertebrae illustrations from Gray's Anatomy
Muscle drawings by one of our veteran TAs, Spring 2011 - Neck | Back | Anterior Forearm | Anterior Forearm, Deep | Posterior Forearm | Posterior Forearm, Deep | Anterior Leg | Posterior Leg, Deep - Added 2/18/11
Illustrated Muscle Origins, Insertions, and Actions (Laurie Boriskie) - Added 2/1/10
Actions Grouped; Synergists and Antagonists (Brooke Tata) - Added 10/6/08
Questions on muscle origins, insertions, and actions, by Shannon Domarski
Study tips for the 2nd Lab Practical, by Tara Fay
Artery map (labeled and unlabeled) and vein map (labeled and unlabeled) by Philip Siebler, Fall 2012 - Added 10/27/12
Diagram of arteries and visceral organs (Elena Pellicer), Fall 2011 - Added 10/28/11
Diagram of arteries and veins, Fall 2011 - Added 10/28/11
Respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular structures visible on models, not including heart model (Michaela Brosius) - Added 11/5/08
The Journey of the Red Blood Cell, by Sophia del Rio
Artery diagrams from earlier editions of the lab manual: Upper arteries and lower arteries. Note: Artery branching patterns are highly variable. These diagrams can give the misleading impression that you can rely on branching patterns to identify arteries, which is why they were removed from the 4th edition. Identify arteries by the structures they serve, whenever possible.
Nervous system drawings & diagrams, Spring 2011 - Added 4/3/11
More nervous system drawings & diagrams, Spring 2011 - Brain Surface Structures | Brain Structures 1 | Brain Structures 2 | Brain Arteries | Cranial Nerves | Brachial Plexus | Eye - Added 4/13/11

Other Useful Links

These are links that you may find interesting or helpful while studying. Please let us know of other useful web pages.

Various subjects

Get Body Smart Interactive tutorials and quizzes on anatomy and physiology. Nice modern-looking animations for you to "click & drag".
Leif Saul's Anatomy Pages Tips and images for learning the specific materials used in this lab.
LUMEN learn 'em Great for bones, muscles,arteries, and nerves.
Medical Gross Anatomy Learning Resources from The University of Michigan Medical School Lots of useful web resources for anatomy students. Check out the labeled atlas images, learning games, internet links grouped by gross anatomy topic, and surface anatomy pages.
Mike Pascoe's Anatomy Pages Very cool online resources offered by a former TA in this course.
Online Anatomy & Physiology Resources Links to various useful anatomy links on the Web.
Ultrasound Resources: Guide to Internal Organs Links to diverse Web sites providing information about the internal organs.


Loyola University Histology Site Excellent resource for further study of histology.
Labeled Histology Slides Some of the slides from the Loyola histology site, labeled by a former TA in this course.
JayDoc Histoweb at the University of Kansas Another great histology site.

Skeletal System

Skeleton Tutorials Interactive images for learning the bones and their features.

Muscular System

Get Body Smart: Muscle Tutorials As of 2008, probably the best all-around interactive resource on the Web for learning muscle origins, insertions and actions.
Hypermuscle: Muscles in Action QuickTime movies demonstrating muscle actions.
IPHY on your iPod How to use your iPod to study muscle origins, insertions, and actions! (Note: OIA details may differ slightly; you are responsible for information in the current edition of the laboratory manual.)
Lower Extremity Muscle Atlas Illustrated listing of muscle origins, insertions, and actions.
Upper Extremity Muscle Atlas Illustrated listing of muscle origins, insertions, and actions.

Cardiovascular System

Test yourself: Anterior heart / Posterior heart Interactive photographs of the heart model that we use in this course.
Patient Education: Heart Center Succinct, informative graphics and explanations of heart procedures and conditions. Provided at the Stanford Hospital website.

Sensory System

Eyes Great for figuring out how those eye muscles work.