HISTOLOGY: integument bone muscle digestive circulatory nervous

Here are most of the slides you will be using in class. The labels are intended to help you, but do not constitute ALL of the information you are responsible for.

(Thanks to Heidi Schutz for doing almost all of the labeling of these slides.)

Updated 11/9/06

TOP integument

TOP Bone Histology

TOP Muscle histology

Smooth muscle. Note the spindle-shaped cells.


TOP Digestive histology: general characteristics, esophagus, stomach, small intestine (duodenum & jejunum) large intestine

general characteristics


stomach (transition with esophagus)

body of stomach

small intestine

large intestine

TOP circulatory



a = tunica media of medium-sized vein
b = adventitia of same vein as in (a)
d = small artery
c and e = very small veins

TOP Nervous



spinal cord