Vacating Lab Spaces


  • Disbursement of equipment needs to be documented via the campus property disposal process (see below).
    • Make a detailed list of every piece of equipment with a CU tag on it.
    • Write down who takes it and the new location of this equipment.

Gas Cylinders:

  • Do not return gas cylinders to the company, but transfer them to other labs.
    • Create a list of the cylinders that includes serial number, gas type, and room location.
    • Please process an Empty cylinder return for expired and empty cylinders.

Chemicals and Bio Hazards:

  • This includes biological and non-biological samples, radioactive materials, acids, etc.
  • This material must be disposed of according to the procedures established by EH&S (; 303-492-6025).
  • Equipment that has come in contact with hazardous material must be cleaned out appropriately. An attached EH&S form provides instructions.

Glassware, pipettes, other lab supplies:

  • You may contribute extra lab supplies to other labs.
  • You are responsible for disposing of all remaining items in the lab. In compliance with EH&S rules, every item to be disposed of must be washed in a bleach water solution or put through a sanitizing system.

Property Services (PS):

  • They will pick up ALL unwanted and broken equipment: tables, chairs, equipment, computers, etc.
  • Place all items for PS in a specific location.
  • Fill out the disposal request list (Disposal List form) by including the item description, CU tag #, serial #, and condition code.
    • Once your list is completed, contact Trisha Ward (303-492-1731).

It is also common courtesy to clean your lab space before you leave:

  • Wash down cabinets
  • Remove posters
  • Clean out unwanted papers, supplies, and trash from the area.

For questions, see:
Carlson Room 207