Information for New ACARD Holders

As a cardholder for the Department of Integrative Physiology we have a short list of things to remember when using your ACARD:

  • All purchases must have a valid research or business purpose.
  • You are responsible for all purchases made on your card; DO NOT let anyone else use your card.
  • All transactions must be turned in within three days of the date of purchase.
  • If you do not, you will be issued a violation. The first violation is a warning; the second will result in a 30 day suspension and the third in a revoked card for a year.
  • Purchase information/documentation (required for all transactions):
    • You must include a receipt or invoice with the total dollar amount including shipping.
    • The university is tax exempt so all your purchases must be tax exempt. The Tax Exempt ID is on the front of your card and also available in the case in front of Carlson 207.
    • All purchases must include a complete requisition form. If you would like an electronic copy please email me.

Other things to know:

  • You are required to take training courses for ACARD and Marketplace. You will receive the course information after you have emailed Trisha Ward.
  • SpeedTypes (ST): You can usually acquire this from the PI/Lab Coordinator.
  • When you go to activate your card you will need the last four digits of your employee ID number.

If you have any other questions please contact:

Trisha Ward