Forms and Information for Faculty

This page contains information for internal departmental use.

General Information

Front office located in Clare Small building, room 114:

  • Marsha Cook, Graduate Program Administrator, Office Manager
  • Rachel Salaz, Administrative Assistant, Advising Support

Finance Office located in Carlson Gym, room 207:

  • Jennifer Shannon Law, Manager of Operations (room 205)
  • Brandon Geer, HR & Travel Liaison
  • Eric Heltne, IT Support
  • Trisha Ward, Accounting Technician

Chair: Dr. Pei-San Tsai
Graduate Associate Chair: Dr. Robert Mazzeo
Undergraduate Associate Chair: Dr. David Sherwood

Useful resources:
Identity Manager activate and manage campus IdentiKey.
myCUinfo portal for faculty, staff, and students, most resources linked from here.
Desire2Learn course/teaching online tool. web logon for faculty/staff email.
University Communications staff photo (call 2-3119 to schedule).
IPHY website contains overview and helpful details for the department.
Advising academic advising website for Arts & Sciences.
Employee Services payroll, benefits, etc.

Staff Responsibilities



Our mailing address for U.S. Postal Service mail is:
Department of Integrative Physiology
354 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Please note that our shipping address (UPS, FedEx, DHL) is different *:
Integrative Physiology
1725 Pleasant St., Clare 114
Boulder, CO 80309
* Please see front office staff for assistance with outgoing FedEx packages.

All incoming and outgoing mail is processed by Campus Mailing Services. Please allow extra time for this additional step in the delivery process.
Mailing Services makes one delivery/pick up per day to the mailroom in Clare Small 110, usually by 8:30am. The administrative assistant sorts and delivers the mail to the Carlson and Ramaley mailrooms.

Incoming USPS mail:

All graduate students should have a mailbox in the Clare mailroom. If you do not, please contact Marsha. All of your mail will be sorted to these boxes. Please check your mailbox regularly as some items are time-sensitive. Mail will be delivered to Carlson and Ramaley for faculty, staff, PRAs, and undergrads in labs if they have informed us of their location.

ARCE occupants should have mailboxes in Clare 110. If you do not, please contact Marsha. Mail for faculty members with an alternative campus address will be forwarded.

Outgoing USPS mail:

Outgoing mail from Carlson and Ramaley goes to the Clare outgoing boxes, to be picked up by mailing services the following business day.

Please sort outgoing mail according to the following:
Campus Mail: items for another CU department or address. Please use the inter-office envelopes provided in each mailroom and cross out the previous recipient listed.
Off-Campus Mail: items sent to any non-CU address. There is no need for postage stamps for IPHY-related items, as Mailing Services bills the department directly. These items must have a SpeedType and a way to identify the sender (lab, last name, etc), included in the return address. Return address stamps are located in each mailroom.
* Please put a rubber band around bulk mailings such as solicitations for study participants. Clare, Carlson, Ramaley Mail: items for IPHY staff or faculty located in a different building than yours. The administrative assistant collects these items and distributes them accordingly.


Accessibility rev. 9/13/17

  • CU Boulder is encouraging content producers (faculty, staff, administrators) to make materials accessible to all students regardless of disability by 2018.
  • Accessible Technology - Detailed website provides policy statements and resources designed to encourage this transition. Here are some highlights for faculty:
    • Universal Design Checklist for Educators - A good place to start. Lists best practices for preparing PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and other course materials. The links will take you to more specific checklists.
    • Universal Design - This page has an informative 10-minute video by Alaina Beaver, the Universal Instructional Design Consultant. She describes the background motivating this initiative, summarizes Universal Design principles, and gives a checklist of best practices for presenting information. She is also a good contact person ( for answering questions about the process.
    • SensusAccess - A service licensed to the CU Boulder community for converting inaccessible documents, such as scanned PDFs, into accessible text.
    • Accessibility Roadmap - Brief outline of recommended steps for faculty, departments, and others to move toward reaching the goal of full accessibility by 2018.
    • Resources - This page provides links to all the resources listed above and more.

Curriculum Coordinators rev. 9/13/17


  • Incomplete Agreement - Incompletes can be assigned at instructor's discretion, but the student should have completed a significant amount of the required work and is unable to complete the rest due to circumstances beyond his/her control. There are 2 options for completing the grade: either complete the missing work and the instructor submits a Change of Record form, or retake the entire class. If students retake the class, they will be charged tuition and fees just as they would for any other class; the grade then replaces the incomplete for GPA purposes. The original incomplete remains on the transcript with a note that the course was retaken. It is up to the instructor which option will apply in any specific case, however in both cases the "I" grade must be replaced within one year or else the "I" will convert to an F and remain on the transcript, be included in the GPA, etc. There is an Incomplete Agreement form that should have copies sent to all parties explaining how the incomplete will be finished.

Purchasing Methods

Please see Trisha Ward in Carlson 207 or for all purchase-related information.

Marketplace: Easiest and preferred (Fisher, VWR, Staples, etc.)

ACARD: University Credit Card - This is the University's preferred method of procurement. ACARDs are accepted everywhere that a regular credit card is accepted. Travel Expenses are not allowed on the ACard. Purchases cannot exceed $5,000. View information for new cardholders. Here is the ACARD Requisition Form.

Do not use your ACARD at Staples.

IN: Interdepartmental Invoices - This form of payment is accepted throughout the campus from the Book Store to the MCDB or Chem stores. You can obtain INs from the finance office, Carlson 207.

PO: Purchase Orders - We use purchase orders for every thing that cannot be purchased on an ACARD. Purchase orders that exceed $5,000 will require more steps.

Additional information:

CU W9 form: CU-W9-Vendors.pdf

Tax Exempt certificate: TaxExemptCert.pdf


Reimbursements are processed for departmental expenses that are purchase out of pocket. CU recommends that you use reimbursements as your last resort. Download the reimbursement form. Here is a lists of items you can be reimbursed for:

  • (Please see Travel reimbursements for travel related expenses)
  • Meals with guest lectures or candidates. Note: Before treating someone to a meal make sure you read: Hosting a Meal.
  • Lab Supplies
  • Conference Registration
  • Membership dues

You will not be reimbursed for Office Supplies. That includes things like tape, calculators, rulers, note pads, scissors, paper etc. Please see Staples in Marketplace for all your office supply needs.

Do not use your ACARD at Staples.


Please see our travel page for more details, or contact Brandon Geer (; Carlson 207).

Travel Vouchers - All travel-related expenses have to be reimbursed on a Travel Voucher. Please use the IPHY Travel Voucher.

Travel Card - A travel card is available for our frequent travelers. It allows you to make travel-related purchases and not pay out of pocket. Please see your travel liaison for an application.


Do you have something you need to get rid of? Please process the Disposal List form and either email or send via department mail to Eric Heltne (; Carlson 207). If the item has been in contact with a form of hazardous, radioactive material or other substances that could contaminate someone or something please process the EH&S form and follow the procedure to cleanse the item.

Vacating a Lab

If your research is coming to a close it is appreciated that you follow the steps found in this document: Vacating Lab Spaces.

Lab Subject Payments

When a subject is being paid for participating in a research study they are required to submit a CU-W9-Subjects form for tax purposes. This allows us to set them up as a vendor in the system so that we can process their payment. Please also complete the Subject payment form to ensure that we have all the information to process the payment.

Submit to Trisha Ward:

Software and Hardware

Basic information on hardware and software through OIT:

OIT hardware and software recommendations:

Available software:

Some software is free (i.e. Operating systems, Office, MATLab - see above link and chart for what is actually free and for whom). Others have nominal charges; check here for more details:

For software that cannot be obtained through OIT, you can often purchase through Insight, usually at prices better than elsewhere:

To purchase directly from Apple: access the Apple portal through Marketplace (accessed in myCUinfo.)

Software and Hardware contact:

Xerox Copier / Printer / Scanners

The Integrative Physiology department has four Xerox multi-purpose copier/printer/scanners. Please use these for printing where possible, especially for large jobs. These devices do double-sided printing and stapling, which is nice for multi-copy jobs.

You can also scan from these devices and email yourself the scan as a PDF.

To set up your computer to print to the Xerox machine, first go to:, choose your operating system from the drop-down list and download/install.

Detailed instructions for driver and accounting setup: Xerox-Instructions.pdf

Poster Printer

The poster printer is located in Carlson 202. Lab posters are recharged to grant overhead. If you need help, please contact Eric.

Conference Poster Guidelines:

Poster printer contact: