Portrait of Isabel de Silva
PhD Student
• Plant community ecology • Riparian restoration • Climate change • Restoration ecology • Citizen science
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Advisor: Katharine Suding


I am a plant ecologist interested in the intersection of plant community ecology, functional traits, ecophysiology, and ecological restoration in the context of riparian systems.

See my website for more about me and my research.


  • BS: University of California, Berkeley, 2015



Merchant, T. K., Henn, J. J., de Silva, I., Van Cleemput, E., and Suding, K. N., 2022: Four reasons why functional traits are not being used in restoration practice. Restoration Ecology, e13788. doi 10.1111/rec.13788

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Moanga, D., Schroeter, I., Ackerly, D., and Butsic, V., 2018: Avoided land use conversions and carbon loss from conservation purchases in California. Journal of Land Use Science, 13(4): 391-413. doi 10.1080/1747423X.2018.1533043