We're required by the University to be fair, ethical, and accountable to the public as we buy goods and services for University purposes. All purchases must be made in accordance with the University of Colorado Procurement Rules in a way that abides by the Procurement Code of Ethics. If you're new to purchasing for CU, or have questions about the process, the best (and fastest) thing to do is talk with your Accounting Specialist.

Get the lowdown on the P Card, a.k.a. Procurement Card, the CU VISA card that you can use to purchase items (up to $5,000) for University use.

Cost Transfer Authorization - an INSTAAR form that lets you transfer funds from one speed type to another.

CU Marketplace: This will get you the best deals from companies that have state contracts with CU - office supplies from Staples; computers from Dell; and scientific equipment from Fisher, Agilent, Roche, USA Scientific, and other vendors. Get to it through the myCUInfo portal under the CU Resources tab.

Equipment: Purchasing equipment with grant funds is subject to approval by the Office of Contracts and Grants as well as the sponsoring agency. Learn more to keep you on the right track while talking with your accounting tech.

Faculty Computer Purchase Program: CU Boulder faculty are eligible for a subsidy of $1200 every four years to upgrade their computers and incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. Learn how to buy a computer through the program.

Furniture Procurement: , and

  • Property Services: Used furniture is available through this CU unit. Use your speed type to buy desks, bookcases, task chairs, etc. Property services also handles furniture for classrooms.
  • The University has approved five suppliers for furniture through the CU Marketplace portal, and they have to be used to buy furniture for offices, conference rooms, and lobbies. See how to do that on the CU System Procurement Service Center website.

Sole Source Procurement: Often, a purchase of more than $5000 requires competition. But if only one good or service will do, from only one available source, you can use Sole Source Procurement (information and step-by-step guide).