Portrait of Eric Kennedy
MS StudentGraduate Student Researcher
• Snow hydrology • Ecohydrology • Forest ecology
Geography • Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program

Prounouns: he/his

Mountain Hydrology Group
Advisor: Noah Molotch

As a new graduate student, I am still refining my niche in snow hydrology research. I have begun developing my thesis work around the interactions between snowpack and forest ecosystems, and how climate change is altering these interactions. In my nascent research career, I have drawn on my background as a wildland firefighter and ski patroller, as well as my undergraduate work in terrestrial ecology and surface water hydrology, in order to ask questions about the Earth’s “Critical Zone,” and especially in mountain environments. Additionally, as a new scientist and researcher, I have the opportunity now to explore my current and future work around a decolonial epistemology, engage with and promote BIPOC and LGBTQ+ colleagues, and strive for equitable and just outcomes through my research.