Photo of Douglas Castro
Graduate Student
• Biogeochemical roles of contaminants
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Pronouns: he/him


I received my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in toxicology from the University of California, Riverside. After graduating, I worked professionally in the environmental industry learning the many dimensions of environmental monitoring and remediation in both public and private sectors.

I am starting my PhD with the Environmental Biogeochemistry Group (Eve-Lyn Hinckley Lab). I am interested in characterizing novel biogeochemical roles that legacy and emerging contaminants may have in our environment. I am especially interested in understanding deposition, fate, and transport of these contaminants and how their interactions through various environmental matrices may pose a risk to both ecological and public health. Through research and outreach, I hope to bridge the realms of academia, public policy, and the environmental industry in a more cohesive way to mitigate the progress of ecological degradation and its implications to public health.


  • BS (Environmental Science, concentration in toxicology), University of California, Riverside, 2018


  • 2022: Research Assistant, Environmental Biogeochemistry Group, University of Colorado Boulder
  • 2017-2018: Research Assistant, Aquatic Ecotoxicology Laboratory, University of California, Riverside 
  • 2016: NSF REU Intern, Facility of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectroscopy, University of California, Riverside