Agendas will be distributed a week in advance and placed in a dedicated folder on the INSTAAR Teams Channel. Institute members can suggest new agenda items by emailing Merritt Turetsky or emailing Patti Newton. Agendas will identify whether all or part of the meeting is open to all members of the Institute versus open only to the Directorate.

Soliciting prior information

When needed, we will attempt to gather input and opinions prior to meetings, using surveys, Google documents, or other means. This will allow us to conduct informed discussions during meetings and use our time efficiently.

Question/answer periods

Each meeting will have a dedicated time for members to ask questions or make comments. Please hold your comments/questions until this dedicated Q&A period. If you are unsure whether your contribution is appropriate, you may consult with Merritt Turetsky before or after the meeting.

Ground rules

  • Be present. INSTAAR leadership values your time and will not hold meetings where your full presence is not needed.
  • Most remote participants should plan to keep their camera on when possible. This will not be possible for everyone at all times. However, it is difficult to hold meaningful conversations with a majority of people off camera. 
  • Avoid side conversations.
  • Be mindful of your participation. If you have not contributed to a discussion, consider speaking up or leaving opinions in the chat. If you have made more than one or two points, please hold back to give others space to contribute.
  • Use positive group behaviors: 
    • Clarifying – clearly defines issues for the group by listening, summarizing, and focusing discussions 
    • Inspiring – enlivens the group, encourages participation and progress 
    • Harmonizing – encourages group cohesion and teamwork. For example, may use humor as a relief particularly after a difficult discussion 
    • Risk taking – willing to risk possible personal loss or embarrassment for the team or for project success 
    • Process checking – questions the group on process issues such as agenda, time frames, discussion topics, decision methods, use of information, etc.