Portrait of Benjamin Campforts
Postdoctoral Scholar
• Land-atmosphere interactions • Model-data assimilation strategies

Pronouns: he/him

Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS)
Advisor: Irina Overeem


I am an earth scientist specialized in the development of numerical models and model-data assimilation strategies.

I am involved in projects focusing on the human – land – atmosphere nexus addressing scientific challenges including:

  • Understanding, quantifying and predicting pathways of sediment in a source-to-sink framework
  • Evolution of Earth’s surface during the Anthropocene (soil formation, transport and deposition) and its implications for environmental sustainability
  • Evolution of Earth's surface over geological timescales (tectonic mountain ranges and volcanoes)
  • The impact of mass movements on landscape evolution and sediment pathways
  • Learning from past landscape evolution to predict future hazard risk (landslides under a changing climate)
  • Transport mechanisms and mass movements in the arctic under a changing climate


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