We are CU Boulder students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds who bring our voices to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, act as role models, and lead innovative efforts for the student body.

Our Manifesto

We are student innovators with diverse perspectives from different disciplines who embrace an entrepreneurial spirit on campus and in the Boulder community. We believe each of us has unique strengths and innovative ideas, and together we can be more effective in taking action.  Importantly, we seek to understand the larger picture of how innovation cuts across campus instead of being siloed.

We are are driven by curiosity and the idea that innovation can be found everywhere. We aren't afraid to try new things and fail early and often. We see the world not how it is, but how it could be, taking steps towards tangible results that make the campus a more innovative place now, and into the future.

Our Values

  1. Demystify Entrepreneurship

  2. Connect the Dots

  3. Just Send It

  4. Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  5. Push the Envelope

  6. Take Chances

  7. Recognize the Value of the Journey

2019-2020 Innovation Action Team