The Office of Infrastructure and Sustainability is hosting, "A Seat at the Table" with honored guest Professor Donna Mejia. If you have questions about the series, please contact Kelsey Draper at 303-735-6176. Recordings of the sessions can be accessed below:

About Associate Professor Donna Mejia
Donna Mejia As part of our series, CU Boulder's Professor Mejia will share critical theories from scholars and activists and introduce tools we can use to combat racism. Each session includes resources and opportunities to share your thoughts or questions. Professor Mejia studies the anthropology and sociology of transnational fusion dance, global citizenship and identity politics. She serves as the director of graduate studies in dance and is affiliated faculty for Women and Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies. She has made important contributions to her field of study, and her work has transformed colonialist practices and language on a global scale. When not teaching at CU Boulder, she tours internationally to perform, teach and share her research. (Donna Mejia website)

Winter 2021/Spring 2022 Series "A Seat at the Table"

Spring 2021 Series

  • Session 1: March 11, 2021 Negotiating Gender Constructs: Let’s tackle our blind spots caused by gender norms, expectations and social indoctrinations. Our discussion will explore important updates from the field of gender studies, and explore how gender complicates and compounds our power-differentials in the workplace and in life. Please bring your sense of humor and adventure for a lively conversation!
    Watch the March 11 recording (requires login to Office 365 to view)
  • Session 2: April 8, 2021 Difficult/Painful Conversations: This fireside chat with Donna Mejia explores the art of disagreement. How do we disagree with supervisors, peers and all colleagues? We’ll be looking at tools from the field of diplomacy, mediation, and surprisingly…animal companion training! As usual, please bring your sense of humor and adventure for a lively conversation.
    Watch the April 8 recording (requires login to Office 365 to view)
  • Session 3: May 20, 2021 Personality/Cultural Differences: When an interaction does not achieve best outcomes and it seems repair is needed, where do we begin? This conversation with Donna Mejia aims to explore how our social and cultural identities interface with our individual temperament. This slippery slope of a topic requires large doses of humor and a sense of adventure. Please bring your questions and curiosities for a rich exchange.
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  • Session 4: June 17, 2021 A Celebration of Us: How beautiful are we?! Come enjoy this interactive visit with Donna Mejia to share three beautiful cultural artifacts from your own life: your 3 favorite songs, your favorite comfort food, and a tribute to someone who made a difference in your life. After a brief introduction by Donna, she will publish links for us to begin sharing together. Please consider yourself warmly invited to a celebration of us, and refill your well of inspiration to do the good work of our lives.
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Fall 2020 Series “In Conversation About Our Blind Spots, Cultural Collisions and Racism”

Resources Prepared by Donna Mejia

Donna Mejia Resources PDF (requires login to Office 365 to view)

View the "Celebration of Us" Google Doc