With the support of I&S leadership, Business Services is establishing an IT Advisory Board to help guide decisions and share information related to the wide range of technology-related resources utilized by the division. The intent of this advisory board is to ensure that IT decisions are made transparently and with broad support. A group of 10 individuals, representing all of Infrastructure and Sustainability, have volunteered to serve on the board along with Alan Fasick and Jonathan Moore, who will represent the IT departments.

    Information presented at the board meeting will be brought back to their respective groups and shared as appropriate. Additionally if staff have questions or concerns related to IT, they can be brought to the representative for their department and the representative will bring it up to the whole board as appropriate. The board will initially meet quarterly.

    Upcoming Meeting Dates:

    August 10, 2021 - agenda items to include:

    • IT hardware supply issues
    • Hardware changes
    • Future of Work
    • Storage guidance
    • Communications guidance