A new staff to staff employee recognition program is here! Kazoo is an online platform that enables employees to receive recognition from colleagues, celebrate others through recognition, and redeem recognition points for rewards.

The new Kazoo program will be in addition to our current Spot, Star, and Constellation programs. More information on the I&S Employee Recognition Program can be found here, or email kerry.howard@colorado.edu with questions.

The Kazoo online recognition platform is available to start using right away.

The platform is accessible anytime by going to https://colorado.kazoohr.com/ or using the Kazoo app on iOS or Android. 

We encourage you to log in to explore the platform. Send your first recognition to someone who has recently exemplified integrity, inclusive excellence, innovation, collaboration or good communication. If you are a supervisor, send specific and timely words of appreciation to your direct reports. The more of us who send recognition to others, the more visible our successes become.

How to post your first note of recognition today: 

To log in: 

  1. Visit https://colorado.kazoohr.com/
  2. Log in with your IdentiKey

To send recognition: 

  1. Click on the “Send Recognition” button on the top of the Activity Feed. 
  2. Search for recipients by typing their name in the recipients field. 
  3. Type your recognition message.
  4. Assign a points per person value. Your points to send balance is available on the right side in the “Your Wallet” tile.
  5. Complete the remainder of the form and select “Send Recognition.” 

You can also give any post a "High Five" and add 5 rewards points to it. 

Tips to give effective ACTS of recognition: 

  • Appropriate: Public recognitions sent through Kazoo will be visible on the department and division’s Kazoo feed for all users within that group. Kazoo also allows a private recognition setting that is viewable only by the recipient of recognition.  
  • Consistent: Over time, consistent recognition creates a culture of appreciation and connection. 
  • Timely: Don’t wait until the end of the month or quarter.  Recognize in the moment to ensure the acknowledgement is connected to the positive behavior.
  • Specific: Give detail! What did the employee do that is deserving of recognition, and what was the positive impact?  

Visit the CU Boulder Kazoo webpage for more information and FAQ’s. If you have additional questions, please contact CampusHR@colorado.edu for assistance. 

Thank you for helping recognize the great work of your colleagues.