CU Boulder Research Initiatives encourage coordination and collaboration across broader fields involved in related issues. Below are links to just a few of our specialty areas. CU Boulder speciality areas may include:

  • Several campus units are national leaders in these fields.
  • Grand Challenge is a recent initiative that fuses CU Boulder's unique strengths in earth, space and social sciences with new technologies and partners to address the pace and pattern of changes for our environment, resources and planet. 
  • Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) is considered by some to be the premier space research lab in the country and has been involved in space missions since the 1960's working with both private and federal partners.
  • AeroSpace Ventures is a collaboration among aerospace engineering and earth and space science faculty, students, government labs, and industrial researchers working together to bring innovative aerospace solutions to society’s most complex problems.

  • BioFrontiers Institute is creating collaborations among the university's most talented faculty in chemical and biological engineering, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; neuroscience; medicine; and biophysics to advance human health and fuel the growth of Colorado's biotech industry.
  • 19+ new start-up businesses have been formed in these areas
  • Advance human health and welfare by conducting research in critical frontiers of unkown biology and translating new knowledge to practical applications.
  • Education plays a key role as a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists are empowered to work together to push the boundaries of human knowledge and reap its benefits.