Chris Muldrow
Senior Director, Industry Relations
Industry & Foundation Relations
  • Themes: Energy, Environment, Sustainability, Natural Resources

Chris Muldrow is an experienced leader skilled in strategic and business development, and anchored by a broad technical background. After spending several years as … no kidding … a rocket scientist, Chris found his true passion in delivering superior value to customers in business development roles. He then "returned home" to the University of Colorado Boulder as part of the Office of Industry Collaboration, building mutually-beneficial partnerships between industry and CU Boulder research.

Chris brings passion, energy, and levity to everything he does; he believes in working hard and playing hard. This hard work has included technical leadership of 10 engineers during 25+ anomaly situations requiring rapid resolution, and leading efforts on 80+ new and follow-on business opportunities that resulted in over $9 billion worth of new orders. His playing hard includes skiing, volleyball, mountain biking, ice hockey, soccer, camping, hiking/snowshoeing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Chris is a graduate of the Lockheed Martin Engineering Leadership Development Program and a two-time NOVA awardee, Lockheed Martin’s highest employee honor.

Chris holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences and a M.E. in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado Boulder.