Bame, Jim


Self-regulation training in pre-workplace curriculums


Friday   11:15-12:00   Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed


In this paper, the presenter will first review self-regulation.  Applications to a pre-workplace ESL curriculum will then be discussed.  Selected materials will exemplify how these applications are applied in the classroom.  Assessment will also be discussed.  Successes and caveats will be shared.


Jim Bame, Associate Professor at Utah State University, is currently involved in adult pre-workplace and pre-academic English training.

Benjamin, Julia


Refugee Resettlement Process


Friday   10:15-11:00   Navajo


Participants will learn the refugee resettlement process, participate in a experiential refugee exercise, and become more aware of mental health issues surrounding refugee students.


Julia Benjamin is a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience in the Denver area.  She currently works with the Rocky Mountain Survivor's Center where clients include both adults and children who have experienced torture and war trauma.

Bennett, Mike


What's New in the New Side by Side!


Friday   1:30-2:15   Summit North




The presenter will introduce the new third edition of the popular Side by Side series. He will highlight outstanding new features, including vocabulary and pronunciation activities, and innovative “magazine style” sections that offer feature articles, cross-cultural photo essays, authentic listening activities. Internet messages. and cartoon springboards for open-ended role playing


Mike Bennett has been the National Teacher Trainer for Longman ESL since 1999. Prior ESL teaching experience includes middle. high school, adult ed. and college.

Bennett, Mike


Literacy Beyond Letters


Friday   11:15-12:00   Summit North




If literacy means being able to read and write, then surely literacy doesn’t end with learning the alphabet or decoding words! Learn how Longman Dictionaries and Workbooks truly empower students by further developing their literacy skills and providing them with tools for greater self-sufficiency.


Mike Bennett has been the National Teacher Trainer for Longman ESL since 1999. Prior ESL teaching experience includes middle. high school, adult ed. and college.

Berry, Nancy


Developing public speaking skills through special partnerships


Saturday    11:15-12:00  Navajo



Higher Ed, Intensive English


How can ESL students develop the confidence and skills necessary to become effective speakers in front of English-speaking audiences?  The presenter will explain how a public speaking course for advanced IEP students addressed this issue by establishing a partnership with an elementary school.  Handouts, including student testimonials, will be provided.


Nancy Berry is an ESL instructor in the Intensive English Program at Colorado State University.  She has an ED.M, specializing in TESOL, from Boston University.

Bliss, Anne


Fostering Collaboration in Multicultural Classes


Friday   1:30-2:15   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Adult Ed, General Audience, Higher Ed


This presentation discusses ways in which teachers and students can foster the development of a strong learning community through the use of collaborative activities. The presenter will also discuss the evaluation of several collaborative learning techniques and present a set of workable activities that bring disparate groups and individuals together.


Dr. Anne Bliss is a Senior Instructor in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric for which she serves as the ESL Coordinator.

Borst, Susan J.Z.


International Adoption in the ESL Classroom


Friday   11:15-12:00   Silverthorne



Bilingual Ed, Secondary Ed, Elementary Ed


Internationally adopted children enter the ESL classroom under unique circumstances and with special needs.  This demonstration will discuss the journey and challenges of internationally adopted children and will suggest ways to interact with and assist these children and their parents.  Adaptable lesson plans and informational handouts will be



Susan Borst, M.S.W., M.Ed., left her EFL faculty position at Georgetown University for a “full time sabbatical” teaching and raising her two Cambodian-born daughters.  

Boyer, Cheri


Win-win Situations in ESL Business Classes


Saturday   11:15-12:00   Juniper



Higher Ed, Intensive English


The focus on business communication within the field of ESL is growing. ESL teachers now need to provide English skills for business communication in addition to basic language skills. In this presentation, participants will learn about three projects that can be done with students to improve their English for business purposes.


Cheri Boyer completed her MA in TESL in 1987.  She has been teaching at the Center for English as a Second Language at the University of Arizona since  1989.

Brancard, Ruth

Kathy Bougher


Partnership eases high school to college transition


Saturday   10:15-11:00   Navajo



Program Administration, Higher Ed, Secondary Ed


What can educators do to help make college a real option for ELA students? Presenters will describe an evolving partnership program between Manual High School and Community College of Denver. The partnership plan combines instruction in academic writing with discussion of students’ career and educational goals and one-on-one college advising.


Ruth Brancard is chair of the ESL program at the Community College of Denver.


Kathy Bougher is head of the ELA program at the Manual Educational Complex.

Brancard, Ruth

Mimi Fowler

Kenneth Kruger

Amy May


Action Research in the Listening/Speaking Class


Friday,   2:30-4:15   Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed, Program Administration, Higher Ed, Intensive English


Workshop participants will review reports of a student survey and 3 action research projects conducted in listening/speaking classrooms. They will articulate hypotheses for adult learners’ dissatisfaction with listening/speaking classes, formulate ideas for action research projects, and discuss ways to encourage and support action research by classroom teachers.


Ruth Brancard is program chair of the English as a Second Language program

at Community College of Denver (CCD).


Mimi Fowler, currently an adjunct faculty member at CCD, has worked in a variety of ESL programs and contexts throughout Colorado.


Kenneth Kruger, adjunct faculty member at CCD for seven years, has also taught in Mexico.


Amy May, who taught English at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, has been an adjunct faculty member at CCD since last fall.

Bruhn, Dieter


Motivating students through competitive games


Friday   1:30-2:15   Juniper



General Audience


Motivating students is one of the keys to success in the ESL or EFL classroom.  In this fun and interactive demonstration, audience members will assume the role of students and will actively participate in a series of fun, dynamic, and competitive team activities that they can begin using tomorrow.


Dieter Bruhn is an Instructor and Program Manager at The Economics Institute, as well as President of One World Training, which offers TEFL Certificate programs.

Buker, Suzanne


Replicating Graduate Students' Indepth Writing Experience


Saturday   1:30-2:15   Blue Spruce



Higher Ed, Intensive English


How can composition teachers best prepare graduate students to write the cognitively-demanding literature reviews, proposals and theses/dissertations characteristic of advanced study? The presenter will distribute handouts from and describe an advanced course in which text of one major genre transposes to the next as students explore a single, individually-chosen topic.


Suzanne Buker teaches regularly-enrolled international undergraduate and graduate students at New Mexico State University, where she specializes in academic writing, conversation/pronunciation development and intermediate composition/grammar.

Carlson, Sarah

Leigh Murphy


Teach English with Quick Crafts


Friday   2:30-3:15   Blue Spruce



Intensive English


We will present 3 activities.  The first one will focus on following directions and will be a holiday cooking craft. Our second one will be a rendition of the game "Guess Who" using our own students. The objective for this craft is to learn to ask questions correctly as well as use of descriptive words.  Our third craft is a personal calendar.   The calendars will be designed to meet each

students special characteristics. Included will be family events, school activities, birthdays and national holidays.  This craft's objective is to teach the months of the year, days of the week, holiday vocabulary, and seasons of the year.  


Sarah Carlson is currently an ESL teacher. She also has taught as an elementary bilingual teacher. She holds a Graduate Degree in Bilingual Special Education.


Leigh Murphy holds a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Design for TESL. She has taught ESL students ranging from kindergarten to the university level.   

Casey, Barbara

Jennifer QuinnWilliams


Book Clubs Make Reading Fun


Saturday 1:30-3:15   Juniper



Adult Ed, Secondary Ed, General Audience


Participants will learn the rationale for reading for fun in an ESL class and, using a rubric developed by the presenters, will experience a shortened version of a book club.  The reading selection will be a chapter from FLOR'S JOURNAL, the presenters' original work of fiction for adult ESL students.


Barbara Irving Casey and Jennifer QuinnWilliams have over 30 years combined experience teaching children and adults ESL.  They codirect and teach the Dora Moore Adult ESL Project in Denver, where they have been piloting their Book Club with the first in a series of fiction for adult ESL learners

Castellino, Shirlaine


Livening Up Textbook Exercises


Saturday  10:15-11:00   Willow



Higher Ed, Secondary Ed, Intensive English


This demonstration will focus on activities that require minimal preparation and provide variety and more student interaction using existing classroom materials, e.g. exercises in grammar and reading textbooks. The activities give the teacher other options besides the normal  "individual quiet time" spent in doing textbook exercises.


Shirlaine Castellino has a MATESL degree from the University of Illinois at

Urbana-Champaign.  She teaches at Spring International Language Center and coordinates the ESL classes at Arapahoe Community College.




Chuang, Stella

Maria Thomas-Ruzic


Classroom- and learner-centered inquiry projects


Friday  1:30-2:15  Outside Front Range Theater



General Audience


How can classroom teacher engage in teacher-research, and why should they?  This poster session shows the inquiry processes that three teachers used to investigate questions they had about learning and teaching, and/or learners, in their own classrooms.  The presenters discuss findings and implications from their projects.  A handout includes resources.


Stella Chuang is a professional research assistant for the Content-ESL Certificate Program in CU-Denver's EASL program, which supports secondary

teachers in professional development opportunities in ESL, including courses, institutes, conference participation and other credit-bearing, graduate-level activities for teachers. Her MA in Curriculum and instruction (emphasis in ESL) is from CU-Denver.


Maria Thomas-Ruzic teaches linguistics and language teaching methods at the School of Education, CU-Denver, where she heads the ESL programs for teachers of Adult and Secondary Learners (EASL). She has worked extensively abroad. Research interests include discourse-interactional perspectives on instructional talk, engagement and activity, and teacher action research.

Chen, Pu


ESL: Utilize W-questions to promote Reading/Writing


Saturday   2:30-3:15   Aspen



Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed, Applied Linguistics


The QCES ESL Center successfully ran a new ESL program that focused on reading and writing. Short news-stories and W-questions were employed to promote students’ comprehensive language ability. Although the students only received 30-minute of training per day, the pre-post Stanford-9 tests showed that their Reading/Language achievement increased by 4.4%.


Pu Chen has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership & Master in Applied Linguistics/TESL from Northern Arizona University).  He is an ESL Education Specialist, Mesa Public Schools District, Arizona.

Chun, Randy


Adapting Interactive Voice Response to ESL


Friday   11:15-12:00   Navajo


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been adapted to assist English (and other language) learners by increasing fluency and

developing self-assessment.  IVR is the technology in voice mail and is used by teachers to prompt students for responses.  Students listen and repeat their response.  Teachers record suggestions.  Students listen to teacher, record their second response and compare their response to the teachers. 


Randy Chun spent 20 years in the telecommunications industry.  He earned an ESL certificate from University of Colorado,

Denver.  He teaches workplace ESL and wants to adapt technology to teaching English. 


Claus, Lara Lee

Bohdana Allman


Evaluating assessment accommodation strategies for ESOL students


Friday    10:15-11:00   Silverthorne



Bilingual Ed, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed


How do teachers choose accommodation strategies for assessments that are useful,

meaningful, and equitable for all students including those with varying language proficiency? Accommodation strategies currently used in testing ESOL students' content area knowledge will be evaluated within frameworks of good assessment practices and second language acquisition theory.


Bohdana Allman is completing her M.A. in TESOL at Brigham Young University.  Her research interests include assessment, early childhood language acquisition and vocabulary development.


Lara Lee Claus is finishing her M.A. in TESOL at Brigham Young University.  Her research interests include assessment of second language learners and academic vocabulary development.

Clegg, Jennifer K.


Scroll, click, print…Internet Basics


Saturday   2:30-3:15   Blue Spruce



Adult Ed, CALL


ESL classroom teachers are suddenly finding themselves teaching in computer labs and wondering, “What to do?”  Providing Internet opportunities might be challenging for teachers because there’s a limited amount of resources and materials available.  This presentation will demonstrate techniques to teach basic Internet skills and provide sample lessons and materials.


Jennifer Clegg has been teaching computer literacy skills to adult refugees at the English Language Center in Boise, Idaho for the past three years.

Clegg, Jennifer K.


Integrating SCANS competencies into ESL computer lab


Friday   11:15-12:00   Willow



Adult Ed, CALL


The presenter will discuss how an Idaho refugee center integrated SCANS

(Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) competencies into their ESL (English as a Second Language) computer lab.  Topics addressed will be the obstacles overcome and the steps in developing the program. 


Jennifer Clegg has been teaching computer literacy skills to adult refugees at the English Language Center in Boise, Idaho for the past three years.

Daise, Debra

Charl Norloff


Effective error correction activities for L2 writers


Friday   11:15-12:00   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Higher Ed, Intensive English


The presenters provide several techniques for helping students with error correction in writing.  The activities help students become more effective self-editors and use the language more naturally.  Included are activities for self-editing and reformulation for more native-like expression.  Variations for other writing settings and suggestions for adaptations

are provided.


Debra Daise and Charl Norloff teach at the International English Center, University of Colorado, Boulder.  Their interests include writing and grammar.

Damron, Julie


Preparing International Teachers for an International Classroom


Friday   3:30-4:15   Navajo



Adult Ed, Applied Linguistics, Higher Ed


This paper advocates the need for educators to bring to life the theoretical construct of multi-cultural education for their non-native English speaking teacher candidates. It offers options to practices within teacher training programs that currently sustain inequalities in the classroom instead of preparing international teachers to be inclusive of diversity in their teaching practices.


Julie Damron is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University in the Department of Linguistics and The English Language. Her current research interests are non-native instructors in higher education classrooms.

Damron, Julie


Encouranging Undergraduate Students towards Professional Development


Saturday   2:30-3:15   Willow



Adult Ed, General Audience, Applied Linguistics


This demonstration illustrates the importance of getting university students involved, early, in professional development activities. The presenter discusses one successful activity that required students to organize, publicize, and present their work at their own ‘mock conference’.


Julie Damron is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University in the Department of Linguistics and The English Language. Her current research interests are non-native instructors in higher education classrooms.

Dunn, Burna

Barbara Sample


Promoting realistic expectations


Friday   3:30-4:15   Aspen



Adult Ed, General Audience


This demonstration presents classroom techniques designed to help newly arrived refugees develop realistic expectations for their first job in the United States and strategies for developing problem solving skills related to workplace issues.  Two techniques will be demonstrated:  simulated job interviews and role plays depicting workplace problem situations.


Burna Dunn, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, is the

Coordinator of the English Language Training Technical Assistance Project.


Barbara Sample is the Director of Educational Services and Vice President of Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver.





Dunn, Burna

Barbara Sample


Adjusting to a new life


Friday   2:30-3:15   Aspen



Adult Ed, General Audience


Participants will hear refugees talk on videotape about adjusting to their new life in the United States. The presenters will identify themes in the video presentations that can guide teachers in selecting appropriate learning activities that in turn help refugees develop ways to live effectively in this society.


Burna Dunn, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, is the Director of the English Language Training Technical Assistance Project.

Barbara Sample is the Director of Educational Services and Vice President of Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver.

Dunn, Burna

Myrna Ann Adkins

Slavica Olujic


A Refugee's Voice on Cultural Adjustment


Saturday   10:15-11:00   Juniper



Adult Ed, General Audience


ESL teachers have a unique opportunity to play a role in the cultural adjustment of newcomers.  A Bosnian refugee joins two other ESL professionals in discussing the challenges for refugees and immigrants and the opportunities for promoting mental health afforded by the



Burna Dunn, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, is the

Coordinator of the English Language Training Technical Assistance Project.


Myrna Ann Adkins is the President and CEO of Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver.


Slavica Olujic is an Instructor and Foreign Student Advisor at Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver.

Echevarria, Jean

Starla Dietrich


Improving Conditions for Part-time Teachers


Saturday   11:15-12:00   Ute



General Audience, Higher Ed, Intensive English


How can we provide the best possible working conditions for part-time teachers within the constraints of our institutions?  We will identify job conditions that are important to part-time teachers.  We will discuss ways various programs have improved conditions.  We will brainstorm further ways to enhance conditions, especially in ways that won’t affect program budgets.


Jean Echevarria is director of the English Language Institute at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs.


Starla Dietrich is an adjunct instructor at the English Language Institute at Pikes Peak Community College.

Ellis, Michelle Ann


Krazy Kool-Aid


Saturday   2:30-3:15   Ute



General Audience


This magic trick is a fun way to encourage students of all ages to communicate using drawn, verbal, and written detail. Try it yourself! This technique draws upon students’ background knowledge/language and
pushes them to work for communication clarity.


Michelle Ellis, a product of Jefferson County Schools (Golden), has been teaching biology and ESL earth science at Arvada High School since January 2000.

Erikson, Erik

Karen Caddoo


Beyond teaching to the test


Friday   3:30-4:15   Silverthorne



Bilingual Ed, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed


State mandated standardized testing has become a reality in public education. The presenters will demonstrate how going beyond teaching to the test will provide meaningful activities for learning and skills development.


Karen Caddoo has taught ESL/EFL on several continents, including numerous schools in the Denver area. She currently is working with Sheridan Public Schools.


Erik Erikson has been facilitating learning solutions since 1988. He teaches ESL at South High School, Denver.

Hack, Gretchen G.


The I-Search Paper: Real Life Research


Friday    2:30-3:15   Juniper



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Secondary Ed


How can composition teachers encourage ELL students' independence in English and avoid research writing that's one long Internet quotation?  Enter

the I-Search paper!  The presenter will describe how it challenges students to expand their English skills while they dig into a topic of personal significance.  Rationale, activities and outline for implementation included.


Gretchen Hack teaches composition, grammar and reading to ELL students at the Community College of Denver.  She has taught college composition and literature for 14 years.

Heiman, Joan D.


A Love Affair with Learning


Friday    3:30-4:15   Blue Spruce



Adult Ed, General Audience, Secondary Ed, Higher Ed, Intensive English


Learning, like loving requires whole-person engagement, commitment, relationship, and valuing This demonstration will introduce brain-compatible approaches, also called Essential and Accelerated Learning, that establish an environment conducive to presence, trust, and joy. The presenter is loving this approach in an ESL class at the Community College of Denver.


Joan Heiman,  Assistant Professor of ESL at the Community College of Denver, is enjoying incorporating whole person learning methods in all of her


Herrlein, Pamela

Shirley Penn

Barbara Sample


ESL Programs at the Employer's Facility


Friday   1:30-2:15   Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed


Teaching employed adults at their work sites, addressing work-specific content, can be a much different experience from teaching a life skills class.  A panel of worksite ESL instructors will lead a discussion about the peculiarities of developing, teaching, pricing and managing an English class at an employer’s location.


Shirley Penn is the Program Director for the Workplace Education ESL program co-sponsored by Morgan Community College and Excel Corporation in Fort Morgan, Colorado. 


Barbara Sample is the Director of Education Services and Pamela Herrlein is the Worksite ESL Coordinator for Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, Colorado.  The presenters have been delivering on-site English programs at a variety of employer locations for over 10 years. 

Herrlein, Pamela

Maire Minnis


EL/Civics in the Workplace ESL Classroom


Saturday   10:15-11:00  Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed


Civics in the workplace means understanding the corporate mission

and values, and building corporate citizenship skills.  This session will demonstrate ways to help limited English speaking employees expand their knowledge of employee rights and responsibilities, and take a more active role in company-sponsored initiatives.


Pamela Herrlein is the Worksite ESL coordinator and an instructor for Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, CO.


Maire Minnis is an instructor for Spring Institute.  She has been teaching several sections of English to housekeepers from Denver hotels, under an EL/Civics grant.  

Herrlein, Pamela

Burna Dunn

Barbara Sample


Civics by the calendar


Saturday   1:30-2:15   Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed


The presenters will demonstrate classroom activities for an EL/Civics or life skills class that uses holidays and calendar events as a  springboard for encouraging civic participation.  They will show how students can use special dates within American culture to interact with their classmates about celebrating important milestones and accomplishments. 


Pamela Herrlein is a Program Specialist and instructor for the Spring Insitute for Intercultural Learning in Denver, CO. 


Barb Sample is the Director of Educational Services for Spring Institute. 


Burna Dunn is the Coordinator of the English Language Training grant at the Spring Institute.  All have been compiling civics-related lessons and methods as part of  a Department of Education grant for use by teachers of adult learners in a variety of settings. 

Hess, Natalie


Zero Prep for Beginners! Teaching Better, Preparing Less


Friday   1:30-2:15   Blue Spruce




Does this idea sound familiar? It is! In response to the demand for activities like those in the original Zero Prep, only geared towards beginners, the authors share their new publication. You’ll discover zero preparation, interactive activities that involve all language skills, activate students' best learning strategies, and are adaptable for content.


Natalie Hess, Ph.D., associate professor at Northern Arizona University in Yuma, has over thirty years of experience in the teaching of EFL/ESL as well as in teacher education

Hess, Natalie


Teaching Large Multi-Level Classes


Friday   11:15-12:00   Blue Spruce



Adult Ed, General Audience, Secondary Ed


We will consider the principles of teaching large multilevel classes and work on ways to get to know our students, activate and motivate them, review material, deal with written work, individualize and personalize as well as establish routines in such classes.


Natalie Hess, Ph.D., associate professor at Northern Arizona University in Yuma, has over thirty years of experience in the teaching of EFL/ESL as well as in teacher education.

 Hess, Natalie


Stories with a Twist: Exploring Language Growth


Friday   3:30-4:15   Front Range




 From love letters to fire engines, add a “twist” to your class by exploring language growth through the use of intiiguing stones and narratives! The presenter will demonstrate activities from the book, Stories with a Twist. Each activity is extremely accessible and hands on great for Monday morning! Handouts included.


Natalie Hess, Ph.D., associate professor at Northern Arizona University in Yuma, has over thirty years of experience in the teaching of EFL/ESL as well as in teacher education.

Hobbs, Sondra

Therese Samuel


Collaborations between ESL and Developmental Reading


Saturday   1:30-2:15   Ute



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, General Audience


What can English speaking Developmental Education students and ESL students in Adult Education offer each other through collaborative activities?  Presenters will describe the development and implementation of a new Reading/ESL collaboration at Albuquerque TVI, Community College. Sample activities and possible assessment techniques will be included.


Sondra Hobbs is a part-time instructor at TVI, Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Therese Samuel is a full-time instructor at TVI, Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jepson-Gilbert, Anita


Better English Pronunciation Is Only a Breath Away


Saturday   11:15-12:00  Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Intensive English


How does the way we breathe impact the sound and clarity of our speech?  Presenter will explain and demonstrate why the fundamental difference between producing English speech and that of nearly every other language lies in the way we exhale while articulating English sounds, especially consonants.


Anita Jepson-Gilbert teaches pronunciation at CCD in Denver and also as a private speech coach to foreign empolyees at Avaya Communications.

Johnson, Patricia L.


Navigating the highways and byways of culture


Saturday    1:30-3:15   Silverthorne



Higher Ed, Program Administration, Intensive English


After examining a definition of culture and seven dimensions for understanding cultural differences, participants will work in small groups to analyze cultural incidents and share their own experiences. They will go away with a better understanding of their own culture and how culture impacts interaction with others.

Kauffman,  Dorothy


Let's Talk about Content


Friday   1:30-2:15   Ute




Author Dorothy Kauffman, Ph.D., will demonstrate lessons from the Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas. This program presents vocabulary from the content areas of social studies, history, science, and math. Participants will be given a complimentary copy of the Dictionary and a complete lesson they can use in class.


Dorothy Kauffman, Ph.D., author of The Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas and other materials for children, is a research associate with the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) in Washington, D.C.

Keating, Kevin


Ten Great Communicative Classroom Activities


Friday   10:15-12:00   Aspen



Adult Ed, General Audience, Intensive English


In this interactive workshop, participants will walk through a variety of effective, fun, and simple activities that promote energetic communication.  All classroom proven, these practical and lively exercises include using videos, pictures, drawing, songs, classroom walls, oral

presentations, and even typical textbook comprehension questions.  A detailed handout will be provided.


Kevin Keating, from the Center for ESL at the University of Arizona, has taught ESL and EFL for thirty years in twelve different countries.

LaFerlita, Audrey


Reincarnation - A Cultural Simulation


Friday   1:30-2:15   Willow



General Audience


The purpose of this cultural simulation is to show the cultural differences that exist among groups of people and how mainstream Americans deal with these differences.  The simulation will focus on 4 groups: Africans, Asians,  Arabs/Middle Easterners, and Hispanics.  What issues would you have to deal with if you were a member of one of these groups. 


Audrey LaFerlita is an ESL teacher with the St.Vrain Valley School District.  She also teaches through CASAE: The Center for the Applied Study of American Ethnicity at Colorado State University.

Loustalet, Ardith

Guo Fang Lu


Issues in becoming literate in English


Saturday   10:15-12:00   Silverthorne



Adult Ed, General Audience


This interactive presentation recreates David Red's absorbing 2002 TESOL presentation on issues for adult ESL learners with low/no literacy. Participants directly experience becoming literate in a new language.  Then participants reflect on what the research says, and create principles for more effective practice.


Ardith Loustalet is an adult education teacher in Longmont.  Her background includes ESL, EFL, literacy/content-area instruction, teacher training, and materials writing.


Guo Fang Lu studied English for many years in China and is currently a student

and volunteer at St. Vrain Valley Adult Education in Longmont.

Lozoya, Elena


On the Road to Learning: A Program to Help Parents Prepare Preschoolers for


Friday   2:30-3:15   Navajo




This session will demonstrate how the On The Road to Learning program is being utilized successfully with beginning ESL students. The program offers monthly parent workshops designed to help parents teach their children pre-academic and literacy skills while at home. Learn how you can implement similar workshops at your site!


Elena Lozoya is a Bilingual Speech Pathologist who developed the On the Road to Learning Program and now sells it to school districts nationwide.

Martin, Heather

Barbara Flocke

Colleen McGovern


Learning about Teaching by Becoming a Student


Friday   2:30-3:15   Willow



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Intensive English


This panel discussion will focus on how teachers can learn about    language teaching through taking foreign language classes.  Each presenter will discuss her experience in learning another language this last academic year and how it has helped her to refine and evaluate her own teaching praxis.


Colleen McGovern has most recently taught at the English Language Center (ELC), University of Denver, where she also had the opportunity to take Spanish classes during the 2001-2002 academic year.


Barbara Flocke taught in Japan for three years and is currently teaching at the ELC, University of Denver.  She has taken Japanese and German classes while working at the ELC.


Heather Martin has taught in Europe and in various programs in Denver.  She now

teaches at the ELC and has taken Spanish classes at DU.

Nilep, Chad

Gilana Rivkin-Weitzer


Effective peer editing in the ESL composition classroom


Saturday, 10:15-11:00   Arapahoe/


An important element of process-based writing courses is the process of revision. It is common for such courses to include both 
instruction on revision, and peer-to-peer revision sessions (peer editing). Some recent work, however, casts doubt on the 
effectiveness of peer editing as a classroom strategy. Zhang (1995), for example, suggests that many ESL students prefer
 teacher-directed feedback to peer- or self directed strategies. Nonetheless, many studies have found that peer editing and multi-
draft revision can be effective in improving student writing, and that attitudes toward peer-directed  feedback tend to improve 
with exposure and experience. How can teachers help students use peer editing to get the most from revision? This work 
presents an overview of recent work in applied linguistics, discusses classroom strategies, and offers a set of editing guidelines to
 help implement a peer editing strategy.
Chad Nilep has taught with a variety of ESL/EFL programs, including Literacy Volunteers, The University of Idaho, Seowon
 University (Korea) and International Communication School in Hiroshima, Japan. He is currently a PhD candidate at the 
University of Colorado, Boulder.
Gilana Rivkin has taught ESL for more than 12 years, working primarily with severely marginalized populations, such as asylees, 
refugees, Muslim women, and prison populations, and her ESL expertise is in the development of specialized materials and 
teaching formal writing.  She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and teaches in the ESL 
Program in the Department of Linguistics.

 Noll, Melody


Applying Video Viewing Techniques in the Academic Classroom


Saturday, 11:15-12:00   Aspen



Adult Ed, Intensive English/Higher Ed


The 4th Edition of Interactions Mosaic incorporates video news broadcasts with authentic language and scaffolding to immerse students in authentic language to reinforce listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills. This workshop will demonstrate ways to apply the five video viewing techniques.


Poking the pronunciation pie: a peek at grammaring intonation


Saturday, 2:20-3:15   Front Range Theater

Public Ed, Adult Ed, IEP/Higher Ed


Targeted at teachers with an interest in dovetailing grammar and pronunciation, this interactive presentation will apply the form/meaning/use grammaring pie to the “melody line” of English speech.


Melody Noll is certified by the Royal Society  of Arts/Cambridge and the State of California, and has nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of EFL/ESL.  She is the founder of Ameritalk--a California consultancy specializing in North American pronunciation and communication skills.

 Pearson, Bethyl

Jamalee Moret


High School EL Voices on the Fringe


Friday   11:15-12:00   Juniper



General Audience, Applied Linguistics, Secondary Ed


Who are English learners in secondary school settings and how do they learn English when they are outside the main­stream peer culture? Using data from individual interviews with ELs, presenters characterize these students and discuss implications for placement, for instructional strategies, and for the larger learning community.


Bethyl Pearson is a professor in the undergraduate and graduate TESL programs in the College of Education at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.


Jamalee Moret teaches advanced level high school English learners in Phoenix, Arizona and is an instructor of compo­sition for adult English learners at Phoenix College.

Peters, Sandra

Thomas Peters


Using Internet-based language learning activities


Saturday   11:15-12:00   Blue Spruce



CALL, Higher Ed, Intensive English


Why should teachers integrate Internet-based learning activities into their classroom teaching, and how can they do it?  Presenters answer these questions by examining activities that work successfully and demonstrate ways teachers can create their own activities to use in class.


Thomas and Sandra Peters have taught ESL in the United States, Spain, and Japan. They are now in Pueblo, Colorado.

Peters, Sandra

Thomas Peters


Integrating project-based learning and web publishing


Friday   10:15-11:00   Blue Spruce



CALL, Higher Ed, Intensive English


Presenters will describe successful online publishing projects to demonstrate how the  integration of project-based learning and on-line publishing fosters the development of language skills in language classrooms.


Thomas and Sandra Peters have taught ESL in the United States, Spain, and Japan. They are now in Pueblo, Colorado.

Pinnegar, Stefinee

Pauline Longberg

Stephanie Roberts


Using video ethnographies of classroom practice


Friday   1:30-2:15   Aspen



Applied Linguistics, Higher Ed, General Audience


The use of video ethnographies of classroom practice has proven to be an effective way to bridge the theory-practice divide.  This session allows

participants to experience and then discuss the advantages of using hypermedia case studies in ESL teacher development.


Stephanie Pinnegar is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University.  Her research interests focus on teacher thinking and self-study.  She has authored video ethnographies.


Pauline Longberg is an experienced elementary bilingual teacher and facilitator for ESL professional development in Granite School District.  


Stephanie Roberts is studying German Teaching and Special Education at Brigham Young University.  She serves numerous roles on the video ethnography team.

Polsky, Ellen


Teaching Native Speakers to Communicate Effectively


Saturday   1:30-2:15   Front Range Theater



Adult Ed, General Audience, Intensive English/Higher Ed, Applied Linguistics


When non-native speakers of English are not understood by native speakers, the assumption is often that the non-native speakers have pronunciation problems which must be addressed. The presenter begins with an alternative assumption: native speakers of English (NS) must take some responsibility for making communication more effective in their conversations with non-native-speakers (NNS).  The presenter has designed a course in pronunciation and listening comprehension for NS who communicate with speakers of English as a Second Language.


Ellen Polsky is a linguist and a teacher trainer with 25 years' experience teaching ESL.  She now teaches Spanish at Peak to Peak Charter School.

Ramsteller, Erica


Meet the Needs of ESL Middle & High School Students


Friday   3:30-4:15   Summit North




Erica will present strategies to use with ESL students at both middle and high school levels.  She will demonstrate a lesson using multi-level techniques and a unit that builds vocabulary and then applies this vocabulary to the content areas.


Erica Ramsteller, M.A., ESL, has taught elementary and secondary levels.  Erica’s ESL experience includes teaching techniques courses and teacher resource at Aurora Hills.

 Ramsteller, Erica


Audio-assisted Reading and Running Records


Friday   2:30-3:15   Summit North




Erica will present the use of audio-assisted reading to support ESL students in grades 2-9.  See a demonstration of using a running record to assess a student’s comprehension and fluency level to drive reading instruction.


Erica Ramsteller, M.A., ESL, has taught elementary and secondary levels.  Erica’s ESL experience includes teaching techniques courses and teacher resource at Aurora Hills.

Ridley, Lia

Becky North


Colleagues Collaborating: Sharing K12 English Language Learners


Friday   2:30-4:15   Ute



Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed


In this workshop, participants will discuss collaboration between ESL and classroom teachers, including issues classroom teachers raise regarding English language learners and successful strategies classroom teachers can implement.  As ESL curriculum specialists, the presenters will share their collaboration experiences and offer strategies for successful collaboration.  Participants will receive practical handouts.


Lia Ridley has taught ESL for seventeen years including being an ESL Curriculum Specialist.  Currently she is an ELA coach/trainer in the Cherry Creek schools.


Becky North has an MA in TESL and has taught K12/adult/college ESL in the USA

and overseas.  Currently she teaches in Academy District 20 (Colorado Springs).

Robinson, Charlie


Harness New Possibilities with Longman English Online


Friday   1:30-2:15   Navajo




Longman English Online, a new multimedia course for self-access or distance learning adult students. gives teachers a powerful way to amplify or complement traditional classroom instruction. The presenter will highlight  benefits of personalized. interactive online learning and demonstrate how course management tools can boost your effectiveness in the classroom.


Charlie Robinson is Product Manager. US & Canada. for Longman English Success, with over 14 years  educational publishing experience.

Roemer, Ann

Lee Ann Rawley


Content courses in a skills-based curriculum


Friday   3:30-4:15   Willow



Program Administration, Intensive English


The presenters report on the success of their IEP in integrating content-based instruction into their existing skills-based curriculum.  These classes, called Topics in ESL, serve as capstones for each level.  Presenters will share their experience in bringing about this innovative curricular change and examples of the content-based courses they offer.


Lee Ann Rawley is an Associate Professor in the Intensive English Language Institute at Utah State University.  She is also a doctoral student at UC-Denver.


Ann Roemer, Assistant Professor at Utah State University, teaches in the Intensive English Language Institute in Logan, Utah.

Sacks, Rita


Get More From Grammar!


Fridy   11:15-12:00   Ute




Meaningful and relevant practice, contextualized presentation, and truly engaging communicative activities can transform the ESL grammar classroom into a rich environment for language learning.  Participants will learn about three exciting new grammar series from Heinle & Heinle, and will walk away with sample materials and practical ideas to use. 


Rita Sacks is the Senior ELL Sales Consultant for Heinle Publishers covering Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  She was a former teacher and has over 10 years of Educational Publishing experience.


NOTE: There will be a book signing  around noon at the Heinle table in Summit South on Friday with the following 5 Heinle authors: Kathleen Graves, Kathi Bailey, Connie Shoemaker, Susan Polycarpou, Ann Roemer, and Bruce Rogers


Schroeder, Tom


Hollywood's Portrayal of American Culture


Saturday   10:15-11:00   Aspen



Adult Ed, General Audience, IEP/Higher Ed


Culture classes struggle to make the content more experiential for the student. The presenter developed a movie lab, using feature films that dramatically cover topics of; the description of culture, cultural adaptation, stereotyping, and American values in contrast to other cultures, to further the students’ understanding.


Tom Schroeder is an Associate Professor at Utah State University where he has taught in the IEP for over 25 years.

Shonerd, Henry


Song Lyric in Second Language Teaching


Saturday   1:30-2:15   Aspen



Bilingual Ed, General Audience, Applied Linguistics


Song lyrics are a rich source of material for ESL teaching. A wide variety of pronunciation patterns, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammar, and discourse “styles” and culture are available through lyrics that fit teaching objectives and are highly motivating. Lyrics tap the world-wide appeal of music in English. Technologies for capturing and playing the music are more and more obtainable and affordable. Examples of songs and lyrics will be played throughout the presentation. Language, culture, and politics flow naturally from the songs. Issues of appropriateness are discussed. The presentation will be highly interactive.


Henry Shonerd traveled widely as a military dependent and ESL teacher.  He lives in New Mexico where he taught and consulted on the Navajo Reservation and earned a Ph.D.  He is an associate professor of education at the College of Santa Fe (at Albuquerque) where he coordinates endorsement programs in TESOL and Bilingual Education.

Skelton, Elizabeth




Saturday   1:30-3:15   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Adult Ed, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed


Learn how to adapt the highly effective foreign language teaching methodology "Total Physical Response Storytelling” to the ESL classroom and the mainstream classroom with ESL students. In this workshop you will learn about the theory supporting TPRS, practice the 7 basic steps, and adapt the method to various content area lessons.


Elizabeth Skelton has a Master’s degree in TESL from the University of New Mexico and 13 years of various teaching experiences in ESL, German, and Spanish.

Steele, Paula


Teach ESL, computer and basic literacy


Saturday   10:15-11:00   Blue Spruce



Adult Ed, Bilingual Ed, CALL


How can ESL students learn to use a word processor and learn English? Paula will present and describe projects she has developed or adapted. Participants will discuss, make suggestions, and develop a project based on program and/or student need. Participants receive a 3 1/2 Floppy for basic literacy.


Paula Steele has been employed with Catholic Charities since January 2000 and has taught and developed several classes. She holds both bilingual and TESOL certifications.

 Storer, Nancy


Online component for IEP study skills course


Friday   10:15-11:00   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Intensive English


The presenter demonstrates an online component of an advanced-level study skills class in an intensive English program.  Online materials related to study skills such as note taking, test taking and memory techniques are discussed, and methods of involving students in large class and small group discussions online are demonstrated.


Nancy Storer is the assistant director of the English Language Center at the University of Denver. 

Teemant, Annela

Stefinee Pinnegar

Valerie Hales

Lara Lee Claus

Masina Alofipo-AhHoy

Bohdana Allman


Learning from students' literacy development


Friday   2:30-4:15   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Bilingual Ed, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed


Using video-based and data rich case studies, this symposium contrasts the second language literacy development of nine public school students.  Three presentations focus on the role of motivation, native language

skills, and vocabulary development in literacy development.  Discussants

analyze what can be learned from students and draw implications for practice.


Annela Teemant is a professor in Second/Foreign Language Teacher Education at Brigham Young University.  Her research focus is on ESL in K-12 and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Stefinee Pinnegar is a professor Teacher Education at Brigham Young University.

Her research interests focus on teacher thinking and self-study.


Valerie Hales is an experienced elementary school teacher with an M.A. in Reading.


Lara Lee Claus is finishing her M.A. in TESOL at Brigham Young University.


Masina Alofipo-AhHoy is completing her B.A. in Secondary Education at Brigham Young University.


Bohdana Allman is completing her M.A. in TESOL at Brigham Young University.

Teemant, Annela

Marvin Smith


Ongoing assessment strategies in content-area classrooms


Friday  10:15-11:00   Juniper



Bilingual Ed, Secondary Ed, General Audience


Video-based examples of ongoing classroom assessment practices of

ESL students participating in mathematics, science, and social studies classes will be presented and critiqued from the perspective of useful, meaningful, and equitable assessment practices.  A tool for recordkeeping will be shared.


Annela Teemant is a professor in Second/Foreign Language Teacher Education at Brigham Young University.  Her research focuses on ESL in K-12 and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Marvin Smith has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in mathematics education.  His research interests include learning with understanding, assessment, and teacher education.

Thomton, Amy E.


Lessons from Japan for Western ESL Teachers


Friday   1:30-3:15   Outside Front Range Theater



Adult Ed, General Audience, Secondary Ed


What can ESL teachers who were educated and trained in a Western culture learn from the Far East?  This poster will address this question using observation data and artifacts gathered in Japan.  There will be three main topics: school culture, ESL techniques, and meeting the needs of Colorado’s Asian Students.


Amy Thomton is an ESL teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School in DPS.  She studied in Japan last summer as a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar.

Ulevich, Maureen V.


Creating reading exercises for authentic material


Friday   10:15-11:00   Ute



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Intensive English


Adult learners of all skill levels want to be knowledgeable about

their community. The presenter will show how she has used newspapers and the Internet to develop reading materials to aid students’ access to current information and to encourage student interaction.  Specific exercises will be discussed.


Maureen V. Ulevich has taught English in China, Japan and Colorado.  She teaches at the Center for International Education, University of Northern Colorado and Front Range Community College.

Walsh, Elizabeth


ESL assessment in the community college


Saturday   10:15-11:00 Ute



Higher Ed, Program Administration


Now that we have Mandatory Placement how do we deal with assessment and placement? Please join us for a discussion of current assessment tools and other issues currently challenging the community college.


Elizabeth Walsh is the Director of the Center for Second Language Acquisition at Front Range Community College.

Walsh, Elizabeth

Dawn Fondy


Occupational ESL at Front Range Community College


Friday    10:15-11:00   Apache/Shoshoni



Adult Ed, Higher Ed


Never thought you would see the day that state and county agencies would band together to support the needs of their LEP clients? Join us for a presentation on how FRCC designed and implemented an intensive ESL occupational pilot project and got the county to flip the bill.


Elizabeth Walsh is the Director of the Center for Second Language Acquisition at Front Range Community College.


Dawn Fondy is Lead Instructor and Coordinator for the ESL Occupational Program at Front Range Community College.

Weddel, Kathleen Santopietro


In the learner's opinion…


Saturday   11:15-12:00   Arapahoe/Pawnee



Adult Ed, Intensive English


Eliciting adult learner opinions in the classroom proves to be a difficult, but valuable, task.  The presenter will demonstrate several techniques that teach the focused language function (offering opinions) as well as encourage learners to express opinions regarding a variety of student-centered topics and issues.


Kathleen Santopietro Weddel is a teacher trainer and curriculum consultant at the Northern Colorado State Literacy Resource Center in Longmont.

Wedum, Mary Kay


Goal Setting for Language Learners


Saturday   11:15-12:00  Summit North



Adult Ed, Higher Ed, Intensive English


The presenter will discuss the importance of goal setting for adult language learners.  Classroom activities and assignments designed to encourage students to set personal language learning goals and identify activities to reach them will be shared.


Mary Kay Wedum has been an instructor and curriculum supervisor at the IEP at CSU since 1985.  She is the current president of CoTESOL.




Weldeyesus, Weldu Michael


Instructors' Use of the Chalkboard and its Impact on the Note-taking Skills


Saturday   2:30-3:15   Apache/Shoshoni



Higher Ed, Intensive English, Secondary Ed


Weldu Michael Weldeyesus lectured in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (1992-1998).  He received an MA in TEFL, School of Graduate Studies, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (1996).  He also received an MPhil in General Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, 2000.  Currently, he is a PhD candidate, Department of Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Welshon, Tammy


Writing Instruction for English Language Learners


Saturday   1:30-3:15   Navajo



Secondary Ed, Adult Ed, Bilingual Ed, Higher Ed


This hands-on workshop focuses on improving writing instruction for the pre­intermediate and intermediate ESL student through the use of scaffolding writing assignments and a modified Six + One Traits Writing Rubric. An overview of program design and specifics on developing lesson plans will be covered. Hand-out included.


Tammy Welshon has been teaching English Language Arts in diverse settings since 1983.