Sara Cooper
Professional Research Assistant Level 3
Institute of Cognitive Science • inquiryHub

Dr. Sara Cooper is the coordinator for joint projects with CU Boulder inquiryHub’s 5D Assessment teams and the Learning Policy Institute’s State Performance Assessment Learning Community. Current projects include; District Assessment Toolkit for Student-Centered Assessment Systems, 5D Master’s Assessment Course,  ILC-SPA-LC joint learning community, Washington Equitable, Curriculum-Anchored Assessment System, and iHub assessment development. 

She has over fifteen years of experience as an educator in formal and informal settings ranging from elementary to college-level. As a former state department of education science specialist, Sara has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to systemic and systematic educational change. Work in multiple roles has allowed her to evaluate and develop instructional materials, engage educators in high-quality professional learning experiences centered on instructional shifts and 5D assessment, and to coordinate science implementation within a variety of local and state system contexts. She cares deeply that our educational systems prepare students for their futures and that education is done with students, not to them.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dogs, puzzles, ‘making things’, and spending quality time with her family.