Nancy Hoang Profile Picture
Professional Research Assistant Level 1
Institute of Cognitive Science • Penuel Lab

Research Interests:

Designing student-centered curricula; Implementing equitable teaching practices, especially in STEM education; Designing Computer Science curricula to promote Computational Thinking; Developing Computational Thinking assessment methods.


Nancy's interest is focused on designing student-centered curricula and implementing equitable teaching practices in STEM education. During graduate school, Nancy assisted in collecting & analyzing video data from different classes to help identify effective equitable teaching strategies used in Teachers' Professional Development workshops. Nancy is also passionate about fostering Computational Thinking in K-9 students through Computer Science education. A lot of research in her Master's program focused on analyzing the current Computer Science curricula to see how existing computer science curricula foster the growth of computational thinking and how to assess computational thinking effectively.

Nancy holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction focusing on STEM education at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Before joining the University of Colorado, Boulder, Nancy has seven years of working as a Computer science teacher. Nancy used to work as CEO and Co-Founder of Kiddicode - a technology academy for young learners in Vietnam. She is also a co-author of Vietnam's national Computer Science workbook, which millions of students use each year. In her free time, she regularly works as a volunteer to design and teach Computer Science courses for STEAM for Vietnam, which has more than 35,000 students as of this writing.