Cara Spencer
She/her/hers • Graduate Student Research Assistant • Computer Science
Hirshfield Lab • NSF National AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming

Research Interest

Cara's research interests are in measurement and modeling of human and team performance in extreme conditions using unobtrusive, non-invasive methods. She also look forward to introducing AI agents in the teams she studies and doing work in her community. 

In the SHINE lab, she will be working with our multi-dimensional, mixed-method research data to describe and predict human and team performance.


Cara is a PhD student in the department of Computer Science. In 2019, she received two bachelor's degrees from UC San Diego in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, and Human Developmental Sciences. Afterwards Cara worked for NASA's Behavioral Health and Performance Laboratory as a research associate doing data wrangling of psychological and performance data. 

Cara pronounces her name CARE-uh SPEN-sir.