Ali Raza
Research Scientist Level 1 • Sumner Lab • ICS Combined PhD
Institute of Cognitive Science

Affiliation(s): inquiryHub Team, Sumner Lab, Advancing Coherent and Equitable Systems of Science Education (ACESSE), Positive Emotion and Psychopathology (PEP) Lab

Research description:

Understanding and supporting student experiences in learning are critical for creating equitable instruction in STEM classrooms. I research teachers’ use of novel visualizations of student experiences disaggregated by gender and race to inform their instructional practice. In my work, I co-designed and developed visual learning analytics dashboards that can support teachers noticing inequitable patterns of student experience in science classrooms at scale. But noticing alone does not yield improvement in student experience, it requires implementing and refining research based instructional strategies that can support equitable participation for marginalized populations. For this, I have partnered with more than 45 teachers over a year to adapt and implement instructional strategies in their classroom, which lead to improvement in student experience. My research uses a design-based research approach to investigate and create novel learning environment that can 1) disrupt inequitable structures in STEM classrooms with the use of learning technologies 2) support teacher orchestration of the classroom and collect evidence on instructional strategies  3) understand the individual and collective sensemaking of educators and learners to evidence based decision making