The mission of the Institute of Cognitive Science is to conduct and facilitate highly collaborative, interdisciplinary research programs on cognition, including topics in human–computer interaction, neuroscience, education, decision making, architecture and design, and speech/language processing. The Institute is known for theory development and the application of those theories to real world problems. The nature of our research often reaches out to the community through the subjects that participate in our research projects. 

Below are some examples of ICS outreach research:

  • DLESE (NSF) The Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) is a distributed community effort involving educators, students, and scientists across the nation working together to improve the quality, quantity, and efficiency of Earth System Science Education in grades K–16. (T. Sumner, ICS/Computer Science)
  • Math Craft (NSF) Interweaving of computation with craft activities/materials. With research in the application of specialized software to aid in the design and construction of crafts (such as mechanical toys and paper sculpture) and in the creation of craft objects with embedded intelligence. (M. Eisenberg, ICS/Computer Science)