Spring 2004 IBS News Archive

John V. O'Loughlin has been awarded a Faculty Fellowships for the academic year 2004. These fellowships are highly competitive awards that CU-Boulder grants to its faculty. They provide a reassignment of University responsibilities so that the faculty member may pursue full-time research or creative work. Upon recommendation from the Council on Research and Creative Work (which provides faculty members with financial assistance and/or time free from teaching and administrative responsibilities), the Dean of the Graduate School awards the Faculty Fellowship.

Congratulations to Fred Pampel who has been appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Research of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado. Fred is Professor of Sociology and a member of the Population Program in the Institute of Behavioral Science. He brings a distinguished record of research and teaching to this position. Fred is the author of 6 books and the co-author of 3 books, as well as author of approximately 50 articles. He has been PI on numerous grants and is currently supported by both NIH and NSF to study patterns of cigarette use around the globe. Last year he received the BFA award for Research Excellence.

Lori Hunter has been appointed Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for a 1-year term. Co-funded through the Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion program (LEAP), this position focuses on the development and implementation of a program of activities in interdisciplinary education. Specifically, Hunter aims to continue working on the development of a campus-wide initiative integrating environment social science and humanities.

Rachel Silvey has been selected as a Fulbright New Century Scholar for 2004-2005. According to the program's website: "The New Century Scholars Program (NCS) will play a vital role in forging new links among scholars and professionals from around the world who will work together to seek solutions to issues and concerns that affect all humankind. Each year 25-30 outstanding research scholars and professionals from the U.S. and abroad will be selected as NCS Fellows through an open competition. Under the leadership of an appointed Distinguished Scholar Leader, NCS Fellows engage in multidisciplinary collaboration of the highest quality on a topic of global significance and universal concern. Research Theme for 2004-2005: Toward Equality: The Global Empowerment of Women. For more information: http://www.cies.org/NCS/

Six members of IBS moderated sessions at this year's 56th Annual Conference on World Affairs, April 5-9, 2004:
Richard Jessor, "Juvenile delinquency: It's not my fault"
Ed Greenberg, "How the White House will be won"
Mushfiq Mobarak, "Globalization: The effect of free trade on developing countries"
David Leblang, "The global economic machine:Humming or sputtering"
Tom Mayer, "Enlisting in peace, drafting in war"