Fall 2008 IBS News Archive

The University of Colorado Population Center (CUPC) and Population Program recently funded five outstanding developmental grants, which totaled approximately $30,000.

These awards represent an invaluable way to support junior and senior faculty, fund graduate students, bridge programs, and encourage interdisciplinary research. The proposals grapple with central demographic issues and are quite likely to result in cutting-edge research contributions. The CUPC and Population Program Developmental Grant Review Committee which consisted of Lori Hunter and Jane Menken made the following awards to CUPC and Population Program affiliates (with their project titles in parentheses):

  • Francisca M. Antman, Department of Economics (How Does Adult Child Migration Affect Elderly Health? Evidence from Mexico);
  • Jason Boardman, Department of Sociology (Gene Environment Interplay in the Development of Antisocial Behavior);
  • Andrei Rogers, Department of Geography (The Indirect Estimation of Migration);
  • Tim Wadsworth, Rick Rogers, and Fred Pampel, Department of Sociology (Individual and Contextual Factors Contributing to Suicide Mortality); and
  • Daniel Sahleyesus Telake, Research Associate, Population Program, IBS (Monitoring Cause of Death Using Hospital Records in Addis Ababa).

The Population Program expects to make similar awards next year.

Richard Jessor has joined the Advisory Board of the Urban Population and Health Dynamics (UPHD) Research Program at the African Population and Health Research Center in Nairobi, Kenya. One facet of the UPHD Research Program, funded by the Wellcome Trust, is concerned with the transition to adulthood among youth in the Nairobi informal settlements (slums), and that longitudinal study is using measures developed here in IBS by Jessor and his colleagues. Jessor participated in the advisory board meeting held in Nairobi August 11-14. He will be returning to Nairobi to consult with members of the transition to adulthood research team, November 17-21.

IBS Building Update

At its meeting on October 16, the University Design Review Board voted to approve the Design Development phase of the IBS building. What that means is that the design of the building is now set, both its interior and its exterior, and the building process can proceed to the preparation by the architects of the actual construction drawings that will be provided to contractors for submitting their bids. If you are interested in seeing what the building will look like and what exterior materials will be used-brick, limestone, stucco, glass, clay roof tiles-there is a large display in the 2nd floor Conference Room of IBS #1. Please feel free to visit and look around and ask questions the Building Committee (Dick, Jane, Steve) will be happy to try to answer. As the schedule now stands, interested contractors will submit pre-proposals in November, and there will be two days of interviews in mid-December with those contractors whose submittals were scored highest. Sealed bids will be opened in March, and the construction contract will be awarded on March 25, 2009. Construction will begin on April 27th and Move-In (!) to the new building is now set for September 1, 2010. Of course, things are likely to change along the way, but the move-in date is, we're assured, firm. We'll continue to keep you informed.