New Methodologies for the Social Sciences: The Development and Application of Spatial Analysis for Political Methodology

Conference at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO. March 10-12, 2000. Sponsored by the Institute of Behavioral Science, Council on Research and Creative Work, and the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science - CSISS.

Organizers: John O'Loughlin, University of Colorado ( and Michael Ward (

See bio sketches and abstracts including links to conference papers, a detailed conference description, and the conference schedule (also in PDF or Word format for printing). A listing of conference attendees is available in PDF or Word format.

Conference Links:

  • Institute of Behavioral Science
  • Council on Research and Creative Work
  • Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science - CSISS
  • University of Colorado
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Political Science
  • Political and Economic Change Program (IBS)

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  • Diffusion of Democracy
  • Crime Mapping Research Center
  • NY Times Article on GIS

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  • Campus Map
  • Boulder Community Network
  • RTD skyRide (Use the AB schedule)
  • Cams
  • Boulder Weather
  • Running in Boulder from Runner's World