Map - Diffusion of Democracy

Responding to Globalization: Societies, Groups, and Individuals

Sponsored by the Globalization and Democracy Research and Training Program, Program on Political and Economic Change Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, Colorado, April 4-7, 2002

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Conference Papers:
George Avelino, David S. Brown, Wendy Hunter: Globalization, Democracy, and Social Spending in Latin America, 1980-1997 HTML PDF
Peter Dicken: 'Placing' Firms – 'Firming' Places: Grounding the Debate on the 'Global' Corporation. HTML PDF
Colin Flint: Extra-territoriality, Reterritorialization and Hegemonic Power: The "Hegemonic Dilemma" and Its Implications for Globalization.  HTML PDF
Gary Gereffi: Outsourcing and Changing Patterns of International Competition in the Apparel Commodity Chain HTML PDF
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch: International Dimensions of Civil War PDF
Victoria A. Lawson: Global Governmentality and Graduated Sovereignty: National Belonging Among Poor Migrants in Ecuador. HTML PDF
Corey Lofdahl: Does Trade Help or Hurt the Natural Environment: Perspectives from Lateral Pressure Theory. HTML PDF
Patricia M. Martin: From the Zócalo to the Polis? The Globalization of Western Democracy and the Reformulation of the Public Sphere in Mexico. HTML PDF
James H. Mittelman: Globalization, An Ascendant Paradigm? HTML PDF
Caroline Nagel and Lynn Staeheli: Citizenship, Nation, And Transnational Migration: The Case Of Arab-American Activism HTML PDF
Michael W. Nicholson: Intellectual Property Rights and International Technology Diffusion. HTML PDF
J. David Richardson: The Measurable Costs and Benefits of Globalization: An Economic Analysis. HTML PDF
Anna J. Secor: Globalizing Istanbul: Gender and the Local/Global Production of Islamism. HTML PDF
Michael E. Shin: Income Inequality, Democracy and Health: A Global Portrait. HTML PDF
Michael D. Ward: Globalization and Democratization PDF
Takashi Yamazaki: Dreaming "Independence" by Riding on Globalization: The Setback of Okinawa's Reformist Politics in the 1990s  HTML PDF
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