Workshop organizer: Seth Spielman

Workshop Agenda (pdf)

Workshop presentations: (click on talk titles for pdfs of presentations)

Theme 1: The American Community Survey

Freddie Navarro ~ Asst. Division Chief for ACS Statistical Design, US Census Bureau
An Introduction to ACS Statistical Methods and Lessons Learned
Mark Asiala ~ Chief, American Community Survey Estimation Branch, US Census Bureau
American Community Survey Sampling and Weighting
Paul Voss ~ Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina
Usability of the ACS

Theme 2: Spatial Approaches to Surveys and Samples

Zhengyuan Zhu ~ Associate Professor of Statistics, Iowa State University
Spatial Sampling Design and National Inventory Survey in Alaska
Gretchen Moisen ~ Techniques Team Leader, United States Forest Service
Spatial Approaches to Forest Inventory and Monitoring in the US
Stephanie Eckman ~ Tenure Track Researcher, Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, Germany
Uses of GIS in Large-Scale Surveys
Kevin Konty ~ Director, Methods Unit, New York City Department of Health
Large scale surveys for local purposes: some practical considerations

Theme 3: Empirical innovation with small area/ spatial data

Ikuho Yamada ~ Assoc. Professor of Geography, University of Tokyo
Estimating Neighborhood Environments from Survey Data
Carl Schmertmann ~ Professor of Economics, Florida State University
Empirical Bayes Estimation of ACS Tract-Level Population Characteristics
Stuart Sweeney ~ Assoc. Professor of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara
Migratory Ruminants
Pierre Goovaerts ~ Chief Scientist, Biomedware
Challenges Associated with the application of Geostatistics to Survey Data

Theme 4: New Ideas and Dissemination of Small Area Data

Seth Spielman ~ Asst. Professor of Geography, University of Colorado
Reducing ACS Sampling Error Through Data-Driven Regionalization
Nicholas Nagle ~ Asst. Professor of Geography, University of Tennessee
The Visual Communication of Uncertainty in Small Area Area Estimates
Sandra Hofferth ~ Professor of Family Science, University of Maryland
Social Observatories: Collecting Information on People and Place for the 21st Century