July 16-18, 2008 -- Boulder, Colorado

Population and Environment Scholarship: A Review and Considerations for the Future ~ Lecture pdf
Lori Hunter
University of Colorado - Boulder
Agent Based (Simulation) Approaches to Modeling Population and Environment
Barbara Entwisle
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Population and Deforestation: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, Field Research in Guatemala ~ Lecture pdf
David Carr
University of California - Santa Barbara
Measuring Environmental Racial Inequality: Using GIS to Link Definitions, Indicators, Theories, and Questions
Liam Downey
University of Colorado - Boulder
Mapping Social Data with ArcGIS: An Introduction ~ Workshop materials
Nancy Thorwardson
IBS Computing and Research Services - University of Colorado - Boulder
(Health) and Democratic Surveillance System Concepts and Methods ~ Lecture pdf
Nizam Khan
University of Colorado - Boulder

Course Format
The course is open to all graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty from any institution. The CUPC will provide a stipend to pay for travel to and from the short course.
Course Credit
If desired, students may enroll in the course for 1.5 credit, and we will cover the tuition costs. Credit-seeking students will be expected to complete a final exam.
Application Process
Please apply via email to Lori Hunter (lori.hunter@colorado.edu) by April 6th. Your application should include: your vita, a one-page letter of interest that includes your current position (e.g, graduate student, post-doc, or faculty), and at least one reference (please include the email address of this reference; there is no need for a formal letter of recommendation). Decisions will be made by April 21. Supported in part by NICHD.