About - CU Population Center


CUPC services are divided into five cores areas designed to support the research of affiliates and the dissemination of research findings. Each core is described briefly below. Key services available to faculty are editing services, library services, secure data facilities, and statistical workshops. CUPC also offers development grants to CUPC affiliates.

Judith McCabe is the Grants Coordinator for CUPC. She assists with both pre and post-award tasks such as budgets, submissions, and reports. Judith acts as the liaison with the CU Boulder Office of Contracts and Grants and with the campus Human Research Committee.

The Administrative Core (Director, Fred Pampel) provides crucial services to all affiliates, including secretarial, bibliographic, and grants management support for research projects.

The Information Core (Associate Director, Lori Hunter) broadens access to information for affiliates, increases awareness of center activities, and disseminate research findings.

The Developmental Core (Associate Director, Richard Rogers) provides crucial developmental seed awards to allow researchers - particularly junior affiliates - to move into new research areas and complete preliminary studies needed for funding of larger projects.

The Statistics and Computing Core (Associate Director, Jason Boardman) creates a computing and technology environment necessary for handling large and complex data sets and coordinates the use of affiliate expertise for statistical training and consultation.

The Public Infrastructure Core (Lori Hunter and Population Reference Bureau) collaborates to disseminate research of population centers across the country to the public.