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Developmental Research Projects

A central aim of the CU Population Center is to provide early support for innovative, collaborative projects with the potential to substantially advance understanding in one of CUPC's central research themes: migration and population distribution, health and mortality, and/or environmental demography. This year, four outstanding projects were supported -- combined, they represent a variety of disciplinary perspectives and will make important contributions to science and human well-being.

2016 Projects

  • Jill Litt, Environmental Studies, "A Pilot RCT of Gardening as an Intervention to Reduce Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease"
  • Robin Bernstein, Anthropology, "Milk: Nutrition and Health Shaped by Cultural Practices and the Environment"
  • Stef Mollborn, Sociology, "Technology Use and Health Lifestyles in Children and Youth"
  • Stefan Leyk, Geography, "Evaluating Fine-Resolution Spatial Settlement Layers for New Forms of Data-Intensive Demographic Research Under Uncertainty"

Each year CUPC awards approximately $50,000 in Developmental Grants, including Pilot Research Grants for amounts between $3,000 and $15,000 (Last year's call for Pilot CUPC proposals) and Rapid Response Small Grants (Last year's call for Small CUPC grants) that are limited to $3,000.

2012-2013 Pilot Projects

  • Francisca Antman, "Incentives to Identify: Ethnic Identification and Affirmative Action in College Admissions"
  • JD Daw, "Demographic Investigations of Kinship Patterns in Cause of Death, Household Integration, and Kinship Dynamics of College Selectivity"
  • Lori Hunter, "A Meta-Analysis of the Demographic Scholarship on Migration-Environment Linkages"
  • Stef Mollborn, "The Formation and Consequences of Children's Health Lifestyles"
  • Fernando Riosmena, "The Role of 'Barrio' Effects on Foreign-Born Hispanic Health"
  • Seth Spielman, "Improving the Neighborhood-Scale Demographic Estimates"
  • Lori Hunter, Supplemental funding for Fall 2013 workshop on "Climate Change, Migration and Health"

2011-2012 Pilot Projects

  • Fernando Riosmena, Geography, "Local Climatic Variability, Local Economic Conditions, and U.S.-Bound Migration from Rural Mexico across the Family Life Cycle."
  • Elisabeth Root, Geography, "Temporal Dimensions of Neighborhood Effects on Childhood Health and Well- Being."
  • Jill Williams, Institute of Behavioral Science, "HIV and the Sexual Behavior of Older Adults in Rural South Africa."


  • Mara Goldman, Geography, "Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: New Trends and Emerging Patterns among East African Pastoralists."
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, "Resource Changes and Early Childhood Health and Development."
  • Fred Pampel, Sociology, "Cohort Change, Diffusion, and Sexual Attitudes."
  • Isaac Reed, Sociology, "Historical Demography and Imperial Instability."

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