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Dec 2012

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Affiliate Publications

Accepted/in print since Oct 2012

Alston, Lee J., Marcus Melo, Bernardo Mueller and Carlos Pereira. (forthcoming 2013). Changing Social Contracts:Beliefs and Dissipative Inclusion in Brazil.” Journal of Comparative Economics

Kinzig, Ann P., Paul R. Ehrlich, Lee J. Alston, Kenneth Arrow, Scott Barrett, Timothy G. Buchman, Gretchen C. Daily, Bruce Levin, Simon Levin, Michael Oppenheimer, Elinor Ostrom, and Donald Saari. (forthcoming) "Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges: The Complex Interaction of Behaviors, Values, and Policy,” BioScience.

Alston, Lee J., Krister Andersson and Steven M. Smith. (forthcoming 2013). “ Payment for Environmental Services: Hypotheses and Evidence.” Annual Review of Resource Economics, Volume 5.

Alston, Lee J., Edwyna Harris, and Bernardo Mueller. 2012. “The Development of Property Rights on Frontiers: Endowments, Norms and Politics,” Journal of Economic History 72:741-770. Earlier version published as NBER Working Paper No. # 15264 (September 2009).

Cadena, Brian. (forthcoming). "Native Competition and Low-Skilled Immigrant Inflows." Journal of Human Resources

Cadena, Brian. (forthcoming). "Can Self-Control Explain Avoiding Free Money: Evidence from Interest-Free Student Loans." (with Ben Keys). Review of Economics and Statistics.

Denney, Justin T., Robert McNown, Richard G. Rogers, and Steven Doubilet. 2012. “Stagnating Life Expectancies and Future Prospects in an Age of Uncertainty.” Social Science Quarterly.

Denney, Justin T., Patrick M. Krueger, and Fred C. Pampel. (forthcoming) “Socioeconomic Status and Health Behaviors.” in William C. Cockerham, Robert Dingwall, and Stella R. Quah, eds., Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. Wiley-Blackwell.

Fomby, Paula and Christie A. Sennott (forthcoming 2013). “Family Structure Instability and Mobility: The Consequences for Adolescents’ Problem Behavior.” Social Science Research 42(1): 181-206.

Kuhn, Randall. 2012. "On the Role of Human Development in the Arab Spring." Population and Development Review 38(4): 649-683. youtube link:

A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Randall Kuhn and Christina Peters. (forthcoming). "Effects of a Wealth Shock on Marriage Markets in Rural Bangladesh: Cousin Marriage, Dowries, and Assortative Mating." Demography.

Randall Kuhn and Reed Beall. 2012. The Time for Compulsory Licensing has expired. Nature Medicine 18(8): 1168.

Mollborn, Stefanie and Jeff A. Dennis. 2012. “Explaining the Development and Health of Young Children with Young Parents.” Sociological Forum 27(4):1010-1036. DOI: 10.1111/j.1573-7861.2012.01366.x

Jacobs, Janet and Stefanie Mollborn. 2012. “Early Motherhood and the Disruption in Significant Attachments: Autonomy as a Response to Separation and Loss Among African American and Latina Teen Mothers.” Gender & Society 26(6):922-944. DOI: 10.1177/0891243212459073

Hoekstra, Angel and Stefanie Mollborn. 2012. “How Clicker Use Facilitates Existing Pedagogical Practices in Higher Education: Data from Interdisciplinary Research on Student Response Systems.” Learning, Media, and Technology 37(3):303-320. DOI: 10.1080/17439884.2011.568493

Nawrotzki, Raphael and Fred C. Pampel. (forthcoming 2012). “Cohort Change and the Diffusion of Environmental Concern: A Cross-National Analysis.” Population and Environment.

Nawrotzki, R., Riosmena, F., and Hunter, L. (forthcoming 2012). “Do Rainfall Deficits Predict U.S.-bound Migration from Rural Mexico? Evidence from the Mexican Census.” Population Research and Policy Review. DOI 10.1007/s11113-012-9251-8.

Kelli Archie, Lisa Dilling, Jana Milford, and Fred Pampel. 2012. “Climate Change and Western Public Lands: A Survey of U.S. Federal Land Managers on the Status of Adaptation Efforts.” Ecology and Society 17(4):20.

Fred C. Pampel. 2012. “Disaster Preparedness and Health Behaviors: An Empirical Study of Similarities and Differences.” International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 30:61-81.

Fred C. Pampel. 2012. “Does Reading Keep You Thin? Leisure Activities, Cultural Tastes, and Body Weight in Comparative Perspective.” Sociology of Health and Illness 34(3):396-411.

Fred C. Pampel, Justin T. Denney, and Patrick M. Krueger. 2012. “Obesity, SES, and Economic Development: A Test of the Reversal Hypothesis.” Social Science and Medicine 74(7):1073-1081.

Raymer, James, Guy J. Abel, and Andrei Rogers. (forthcoming 2012). "Does specification matter? Experiments with simple multiregional probabilistic population projections." Environment and Planning A.

Reniers G, Armbruster B (forthcoming) HIV status awareness, partnership dissolution and HIV transmission in generalized epidemics, PLOS One.

Helleringer S, Mkandawire J, Reniers G, Kalilani-Phiri L, Kohler HP (forthcoming, 2012) Should home-based HIV testing and counseling campaigns be repeated periodically in programs of ARV treatment as prevention? A case study in Likoma (Malawi), AIDS and Behavior.

Riosmena, F., M. Winkler-Dworak, A. Prskwetz, and G. Feichtinger. 2012. “The Impact of Policies Influencing the Demography of Age Structured Populations: Lessons from Academies of Science.” Genus LXVII(2):29-59. DOI: 10.4402/genus-401

Riosmena, F., R. Wong, and A. Palloni. (forthcoming 2013). “Migration, Selection, Protection, and Acculturation in Health: A Binational Perspective on Older Adults” Demography. DOI 10.1007/s13524-012-0178-9

Riosmena, F. and W. C. Jochem. 2012 “Vulnerability, Resiliency, and Adaptation: The Health of Latin Americans during the Migration Process to the United States.” Realidad, Datos y Espacio. Revista Internacional de Estadística y Geografía 3(2):14-31.

Riosmena, F., and J. Dennis. 2012. “Gradient Importation,
SES-selective Acculturation, and the Weaker SES-health Gradients of Mexican Immigrants in the US”. The Social Science Journal 49(3):325-329.

Riosmena, F., C. González-González, and R. Wong. 2012. "El Retorno de los Adultos Mayores de Estados Unidos: Salud, Bienestar y Vulnerabilidad." Coyuntura Demográfica 2:63-67.

Rogers, Richard G., Robert A. Hummer, and Bethany G. Everett. (forthcoming) “Educational Differentials in U.S. Adult Mortality: An Examination of Mediating Factors. Social Science Research (doi: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2012.09.003).

Sheehan, Connor M., Richard G. Rogers, George W. Williams IV, and Jason D. Boardman. (forthcoming) “Gender Differences in the Presence of Drugs in Violent Deaths.” Addiction (doi:10.1111/j.1360-0443.2012.04098.x).

Zajacova, Anna, Richard G. Rogers, and Vicky Johnson-Lawrence. (2012) “Glitch in the Gradient: Additional Education Does Not Uniformly Equal Better Health.” Social Science and Medicine 75(11):2007-2012.

Zajacova, Anna, Robert A. Hummer, and Richard G. Rogers. 2012. “Education and Health among U.S. Working-Age Adults: A Detailed Portrait across the Full Educational Attainment Spectrum.” Biodemography and Social Biology 58(1):40-61 (doi: 10.1080/19485565.2012.666122).

Miech, Richard, Fred Pampel, Jinyoung Kim, and Richard G. Rogers. 2013. “The Persistence of Mortality Disparities Over Historical Time: A Test of the 'Fundamental Cause' Perspective.” Forthcoming in Social Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective, 4th edition, edited by David Grusky. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press.

Root, E.D., Rodd, J.R., Yunus, M. and M. Emch. (forthcoming). "Longitudinal trends in cholera: the role of socioeconomic status in Matlab, Bangladesh, 1993-2007." PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Accepted.

Sasson, C., D.J. Magid, P. Chan, E.D. Root, B.F. McNally, A.L. Kellermann, J.S. Haukoos. 2012. Association Between Neighborhood Race/Ethnicity and Income and Bystander CPR for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. The New England Journal of Medicine 367(17): 1607-15.

Islam, N., Kitazawar, Runfola, D.M., Giner, N., (forthcoming). "Urban Lakes in a Developing Nation: Drivers, States, and Impacts of Water Quality and Quantity in Dhaka, Bangladesh." Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management.

Schatz, Enid and Jill Williams (2012). Measuring gender and reproductive health in Africa using demographic and health surveys: the need for mixed-methods research, Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care, DOI:10.1080/13691058.2012.698309

Williams, Jill R., Latifat Ibisomi, Benn Sartorius et al. (forthcoming) "Convergence of fertility levels between South Africans and Mozambicans in rural northeast of South Africa from 1993-2009." Global Health Action.

Williams, Jill R. (forthcoming) "Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Title IX Generation, Mathematics and the State of Feminist Quantitative Social Science Research." Journal of Feminist Scholarship.

Zajacova, Anna and Jennifer Ailshire. (forthcoming) "Body Weight Trajectories and Mortality Among Older Adults: A Joint Growth Mixture -- Discrete Time Survival Analysis." The Gerontologist.

Montez, Jennifer K., and Anna Zajacova. (forthcoming) "Trends in the Educational Gradient of Mortality by Cause of Death among U.S. White Women from 1986 to 2006." American Journal of Public Health.

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affiliate presentations

Since Oct 2012

Lee Alston presented the Keynote Address to the Canadian Network of Economic Historians. "Economic History: At the Forefront of Understanding Economic and Political Developmennt." Banff, Albert Canada. October 2012

Lee Alston presented at the University of Brasilia. Department of Economics. Brasilia, Brazil. November 2012.

Francisca Antman presented “International Migration, Household Decision-Making, and Gender Discrimination in the Allocation of Household Resources” at Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference at Dartmouth College, University of Massachusetts Boston, Department of Economics.

Lori Hunter presented “Migration and Environment: Innovation and Evidence from Rural South Africa”, collaborative research with Stefan Leyk, Galen MacLaurin, Raphael Nawrotzki, Wayne Twine, Mark Collinson and Barend Erasumus at the IUSSP Panel on Population and Climate Change workshop, Canberra Australia, Nov 2012.

Liesel Ritchie and Brandi Gilbert presented "The Role of Stakeholder Feedback in Disaster Preparedness Evaluation: A Collaborative Project with the US Geological Survey" at the Annual Meetings of the American Evaluation Association. Minneapolis, MN. October 2012.

Duane A. Gill and Liesel Ritchie presented "Potential Impacts of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project: Sociology in Action" at the Annual Meetings of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, Milwaukee, WI. October 2012.

Duane A. Gill, Kevin Johnson, and Liesel Ritchie presented "Textual Analysis of Oral Testimony by the Gitga’at First Nation in Response to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project" at the Annual Meetings of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology. Milwaukee, WI. October 2012.

Rick Rogers presented “Teetotalers and Mortality Risk” (with Patrick Krueger, Richard Miech, and Elizabeth M. Lawrence) at the International Conference, Determinants of Unusual and Differential Longevity, in Vienna, November 21-23, 2012.

Anna Zajacova and Jennifer Beam Dowd presented "Weight Gain in Adulthood Versus Long-Term Exposure to Excess Weight: What Is More Detrimental to Health?" at the Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, San Diego, CA, November 15-17.

Anna Zajacova and Katrina Walsemann presented "Adolescent Health and Educational Attainment: An Examination of Reverse Causality"at the Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, San Diego, CA, November 15-17.

Jennifer K. Montez and Anna Zajacova presented "Why Has the Educational Gradient of Mortality Risk Increased Among U.S. Women? at the Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, San Diego, CA, November 15-17.

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Opportunities / Announcements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and AcademyHealth are seeking applications for their 2013 Health Policy Fellowship. Application deadline is Jan 7, 2013. For information please click here.

University of Michigan announces a Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Social Epidemiology at the rank of Assistant Professor. For information please click here. Inquiries regarding this position can be directed to Dr. Carlos Mendes de Leon (

The Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan expects to have openings for postdoctoral fellows sponsored by National Institute on Aging. Positions to start on or about September 1, 2013. For information please
click here.

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Research Grant Proposals

Since July 2012

Recent Research Grants Awarded:

Population Reference Bureau- PopDev Program
Jane Menken, PI; T. Barham, R. Kuhn, and J. Williams, Co-PI’s
35 years later: Effects of the Matlab Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Program on Women’s Economic Empowerment
12/1/12 – 11/30/14 $349,762

NSF Supplement
Seth Spielman, PI
NCRN-SN: SSCRN: Spatial Sciences Census Research Node - A Supplement
10/1/2012 – 9/30/2015 $275,000

SENS Foundation
Barry Hughes and Randall Kuhn, co-PIs.
Exploring the Impacts of Life Extension
2012 – 2014 $220,000

Recent Research Grant Proposals Submitted:

Fred Pampel, PI
Cohorts, Diffusions and Changes in Sexual Attitudes
7/1/13 -12/31/14 $72,936

Lori Hunter, PI ; Riosmena, Leyk, and Runfola Co-I’s
The Environmental Dimensions of Outmigration from Rural Mexican Communities
6/1/13 – 5/31/16 $374,856

Fernando Riosmena, PI
Role of U.S. immigration Policy and Drug-related Violence on the Geography and Dynamics of Mexico-U.S. Migration
1/1/13 – 12/31/17 $576,729

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research
Kathryn Wright, Co-PI; Fernando Riosmena, PI
A Case Study of Senegalese Migrants’ Development Practices in the U.S.
4/1/13-3/31/14 $15,996

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research
Joshua Rasplica Rodd, Co-PI; Elisabeth Root, PI
Politics, Health, and Space: The Case of Two Refugee Communities and Their Neighboring Communities in Uganda
4/1/13 – 3/31/14 $15,842

NIH R03 Subcontract with University of Texas
Stefanie Molborn, PI (Boulder); Sara Kendig, PI (UT)
Teen Mothers’ Educational Pathways and Child Health
7/1/13 – 6/30/15 $61,491

Lori Hunter, PI
The Role of Natural Amenities and Later-Life Migration in Health and Longevity
7/1/13 -6/30/14 $70,882

Jill Williams, PI
Pregnancy Prevention and HIV Risk in Rural South Africa
7/1/13 -6/30/15 $124,202

Jason Boardman, PI; Ben Domingue, PI
The Social and Genetic Epidemiology of Health Behaviors: An Integrated Approach
5/15/13 -5/14/15 $305,000

Lori Hunter, PI
CUPC Climate Change, Migration and Health Conference
7/1/13- 6/30/18 $39,416

Jason Boardman, PI
Integrating Genetics and Social Science Annual Conference

7/1/13- 6/30/18 $97,441

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