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October 19, 2017

Fall 2010

Fred Pampel and Rick Rogers are pleased to announce that their Population Center proposal to the National Institute for Child Health and Development was successful. After the proposal received enthusiastic reviews and a high priority score, the Council recommended funding for the CU Population Center over the next five years. The award comes from the high quality work of the Center affiliates. Thanks go to all for help with the proposal and more generally for excellence in research and teaching. The CU Population Center is featured in the "In Focus" section of the June/July 2010 IBS Newsletter

Jason Boardman and Jason Fletcher (Public Health, Yale) hosted a conference here at CU on June 2nd and 3rd entitled Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences. The conference brought together economists, sociologists, demographers, political scientists, and public health researchers to discuss the state of the gene-environment interplay field and to present original findings from current studies. This current conference was funded by the Population Association of America, and it will continue for at least the next two years because of additional funding from NIH/NICHD (R13, Boardman). For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website:

The University of Colorado Population Center (CUPC) and Population Program recently funded five outstanding developmental grants totaling $30,000.

These awards represent an invaluable way to support junior and senior faculty, fund graduate students, bridge programs, and encourage interdisciplinary research. These proposals grapple with central demographic issues and are quite likely to result in cutting-edge research contributions. The CUPC Developmental Grant Review CommitteeŚcomposed of Fred Pampel and Tim WadsworthŚmade the following awards:

  • Jason Boardman, Department of Sociology: The Integration of Genome-Wide Data into Social Demographic Research
  • Lori Hunter, Department of Sociology: The Reciprocality of Social and Environmental Well-Being: Reforestation in Rural Kenya
  • Fernando Riosmena, Department of Geography: International Migration and the Informal Economy in Latin America
  • Sanyu Mojola, Department of Sociology: Understanding the Role of Transitions to Adulthood in Shaping HIV Risk among African Americans
  • Stef Mollborn, Department of Sociology and Paula Fomby, Department of Sociology (CU-Denver): The Transition to School among Children of Teen Parents: The Reciprocality of Social and Environmental Well-Being: Reforestation in Rural Kenya

The Population Program expects to make similar awards next year.

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