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CU Population Center

November 22, 2017

Fall 2007

The University of Colorado Population Center (CUPC) recently funded six outstanding developmental grants, which total over $40,000. These awards represent an invaluable way to support junior and senior faculty, fund graduate students, bridge programs, and encourage interdisciplinary research. These proposals were remarkably competitive, grapple with central demographic issues, and are likely to result in cutting-edge and significant research contributions. The CUPC Developmental Grant Review Committee – which consisted of Jason Boardman, Andrei Rogers, and Richard Rogers – made the following awards to center affiliates (with their project titles in parentheses): Paula Fomby, Sociology, CU-Denver, and Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, (Explaining Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Effect of Family Instability on Adolescents’ Behavior), John Hewitt, IBG, and Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Linguistics (Northern Cameroon Language and Genetics Project), David Leblang, Political Science (Social Networks and International Immigration 1960-2004), Ying Lu, Political Science and Sociology (De-convolution Methods with an Application in Verbal Autopsy), Georges Reniers, Population Program, IBS (Partner Selection in Times of HIV/AIDS in Rural South Africa), and Fernando Riosmena, Geography (Evaluating the SES Health Gradients of Mexicans, Migration Selection and Acculturation Hypotheses Using Clinically-Reported Measures).

The Center expects to make similar annual awards over the next several years.

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