Papers Presented at the Conference

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Dan Belsky
A Method to Select Genomic Risk Markers from GWAS Results: Development & Evaluation of a Genomic Risk Score for Obesity ~ Abstract
Dan Benjamin
Genes, Cognition, and Social Behavior ~ Abstract
Jason Boardman
Genome-wide gene-environment interactions for the risk of obesity among young adults ~ Abstract
Evan Charney
Behavior genetics and post-genomics ~ Abstract
Dalton Conley
Beyond orchids and dandelions: Testing the 5HTT “risky” allele for evidence of phenotypic capacitance and frequency dependent selection ~ Abstract
Dalton Conley
The Equal Environments Assumption in the Post-Genomic Age: Using Misclassified Twins to Estimate Bias in Heritability Models ~ Abstract
Justin Cook
The Role of Lactose Tolerance in Pre-Colonial Development ~ Abstract
Jonathan (JD) Daw
Racial Inequalities in Kidney Transplantation ~ Abstract
Chris Dawes
A Genome-Wide Association Study of Voter Turnout ~ Abstract
Born to Lead? A Twin Design and Genetic Association Study of Leadership ~ Abstract
Jason Fletcher
GxE in Taxation and Tobacco use ~ Abstract
Kathryn Paige Harden
Gene-Environment Interplay in the Association between Early Pubertal Timing and Delinquency in Adolescent Girls ~ Abstract
Pete Hatemi
Are Spouses more Genetically Similar for Ideology? ~ Abstract
Colter Mitchell
Genes, Biological Parent Relationship Instability, and Children’s Externalizing Behaviors ~ Abstract
Dan Notterman
Genome-wide Epigenetic Signatures of Family Environment in 9 Year Old Children ~ Abstract
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder
Maternal Prenatal Alcohol Consumption and Child Cognitive Development ~ Abstract
Jaime Settle
The Effects of Exposure to Contention on Voting: The Moderating Role of Individual Differences ~ Abstract
Elliot Tucker-Drob
Parenting and early cognitive development ~ Abstract
Monica Uddin
Socioeconomic position modifies the relation between methylation of nervous-system related loci and risk of PTSD in an urban community-based sample ~ Abstract
Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn
Apolipoprotein E, health, and mortality in Taiwanese older adults ~ Abstract
Brad Verhulst
Exploring the Genetic Component of Political Participation ~ Abstract
George Wehby
Genetic Instrumentation for Multiple Maternal Behavioral Effects on Infant Health Using Genome-Wide Association Study Data ~ Abstract
Yuxiu Zhang
The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Early Childbearing ~ Abstract