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Introduction to R ~ Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, January 5- 7, 2011

Location: IBS Computer Lab, Room 150

Teachers: Matt Keller (Psych/IBG), Elisabeth Root (Geog/IBS), Seth Speilman (Geog/IBS), and Frank Witmer (Geog/IBS)

Teaching Assistants: Casey Blalock (Soc/IBS) and Rob Kemp (Soc/IBS)

Short Course Outline:

Jan 5 morning (9:30-11:30)  Basics
 Workshop materials
  Matt Keller
Jan 5 afternoon (1:30-3:30)  More Basics and Graphics
 Workshop materials
  Seth Speilman
Jan 6 morning (9:30-11:30)  Regression, GLM, and Graphics
 Workshop materials
  Elisabeth Root
Jan 6 afternoon (1:30-3:30)  Programming and Simulations
 Workshop materials
  Frank Witmer
Jan 7 morning (9:30-11:30)  Autocorrelation and Spatial

 Workshop materials
  Elisabeth Root

More about R

Workshop is full; registration is now closed.

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