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Back Up and Restore Your Data

This tutorial will show you how to backup and restore your files using software that comes preinsalled with your operating system as well as commercial "cloud" based options

Connect to an IBS Computer/Server

This tutorial will show you how to log into windows pc or server located in IBS from anywhere in the world. (So you can, for example, use your work computer from home!)

Accessing the P & U Drives

The P and U drives are shared folders hosted on IBS serves which are regularly backed up, making them ideal locations for storing important work related data. This tutorial will show you how to access these drives from any computer anywhere in the world.

Workplace Guides

This set of tutorials includes various tools that are used on a day to day basis including: setting up an out-of-office email reply, running virus/malware scans, saving a file as a PDF, and using the advanced features of the IBS Multifunction BizHub Printers.